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We performed a retrospective chart review of a total of five patients with aPL and APS who had placement (five) and removal (four/five) of a retrievable IVC filter at a single health plan and institution (HealthPartners Medical Group and Regions Hospital) between 2012 and 2015.
Retrievable inferior vena cava filters: Indications, indwelling time, removal, success and complication rates.
The one control device implanted in the late-incorporation analysis cohort was an OptEase Retrievable Vena Cava Filter (Cordis, Milpitas, CA, USA), a commercially available device.
Until the PRESERVE trial provides long-term data on safety and efficacy of the IVC filters (ALN, Option Elite Retrievable, VenaTech LP, Cook Gunther Tulip, Bard DENALI, and Cordis OptEase Retrievable vena cava filter), case reports like these should alert clinicians to think about hemopericardium as a cause of cardiac tamponade and cardiogenic shock in a patient with a history of an IVC filter placement.
The SJ-10 satellite is the second of four launched under a Chinese Academy of Sciences program, but the only one that is retrievable. (Cihan/Sputnik) Cihan CyHAN
The device is designed to be fully retrievable so that it can be readily repositioned throughout the implant procedure and later retrieved if necessary.
"He repeated that his judgement at the time was that the situation was completely retrievable."
SIMULTRA Retrievable Bridge Plugs are currently available for industry standard tubulars in 4-1/2" and 5-1/2" casing sizes with a 7" option expected to complete testing in Q1 2016.
Target: The OptionELITE Retrievable Vena Cava Filter, CLEANER Rotational Thrombectomy System, and UltraStream Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter
IAS 36 ,,Depreciation of assets" state that a loss from depreciation is registered if and only if, the retrievable value of an asset is lower than its book value, the book value of an asset must be decreased in order to be equal to its retrievable value (1).
"The MILF has decided to return the firearms and other retrievable personal items in deference to the peace process", MILF representative, Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities Rasid Ladiasan, said reading the letter.
Now the images are floating somewhere in the iCloud, however they are still, somehow, retrievable, and here are those he thinks sum up 2014 best: