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10) In a series by Corriere and his colleagues, IVC thrombosis was seen in 12% of the cases with retrievable filters, and 6% with permanent filters.
When retrievable filters are pursued plan regarding the timing of retrieval should be clear to patient and all involved providers.
2,3) For smaller-caliber vessel occlusions and for external carotid artery occlusion, Chaloupka et al used combinations of retrievable and nonretrievable coils.
Though postures, through art, are retrievable, past kinesthetics are devilishly elusive.
The cells remained localized on the material and were thus retrievable, but tended to die within days or weeks, apparently because they lacked a blood supply to provide fresh nutrients and remove wastes.
Available data on efficacy and complications rates of retrievable filters are relatively sparse when compared to permanent filters, (4-14) and no single head-to-head comparison of both classes of filters has been made to date.
If organizations that use microfilm for the preservation of information with permanent value will require their in-house filming group and/or service bureau to use the correct (polyester-based) film stock, to follow prescribed filming procedures, and to make tests that confirm that the amount of thiosulfate remaining in the processed film does not exceed the amount specified in the standard, then and only then can they be assured that their film-based images will be retrievable for at least 500 years.
Whatever the medium, with imaging technology the information you need will literally be at your fingertips, easily retrievable and quickly displayed," says Metters.
Everybody expects that the waste will be retrievable for the first few years.
Nonpermanent IVC filters include temporary and retrievable filters.
DOE's preferred site for a "monitored retrievable storage' facility is a cleared area at the Clinch River near Oak Ridge, Tenn.