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It begins with about 20 days of self-administered hormone injections, three to four visits to a doctor for monitoring, followed by a 10-minute retrieval process under anesthesia, according to Sahakian.
They access information by using a variety of information retrieval systems such as library online public access catalogs (OPACs), online database systems, and the Internet and/or the World Wide Web (WWW).
The next Retrieval Artist title is scheduled for an April 2004 release.
In its first incarnation, Information Retrieval formed one of three compulsory courses together with one optional course of Unique Learning taken by students in the first semester, each worth 5 credits.
National Data Retrieval, which also is based in Alpharetta, has 26 fulltime employees, all of whom will be retained, plus a nationwide network of approximately 400 independent collection contractors.
Participants run their own retrieval systems on the data and return to NIST a list of the retrieved top-ranked documents.
Personal Librarian is an advanced full-text search and retrieval technology which allows users to quickly and easily extract relevant information from large amounts of unstructured text.
Within the last year, two new techniques have been added to the list: gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) and transvagial oocyte retrieval.
today announced the successful retrieval of the Option[TM] Vena Cava Filter from a femoral approach in an Ovine model.
To address this situation, we have developed the Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval System (MARS).
The Antigen Retrieval method, in which tissue samples are immersed in aqueous solution and heated in a microwave oven, represents a dramatic enhancement of the immunostaining technique used by pathology laboratories to identify and characterize tumors.