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Retrieve Technologies' growth reinforces those advantages for our innovative businesses, and I am happy to celebrate Retrieve as another example of our growing tech sector creating good jobs.
Since this is a review, pup should spin and quickly race back over the beaten path until he finds the pigeon, then quickly retrieve the bird to hand.
Once it's tossed, you should then throw your dummy in the opposite direction a full 180 degrees away from the first retrieve.
The problem has reached a peak because there just aren't enough markets in the area doing enough to retrieve their shopping carts,'' Don Schultz said.
injection molding of nitrile rubber' retrieves 219,039 records using natural language;
In situations where doing so won't delay the match needlessly, retrieve the match balls on your side of the court and give them to the next server, or put them on the baseline of the next server.
An imaging system for maintaining books and records for purposes of [sections] 6001 must create accurate and complete electronic images of hardcopy and electronically created documents, and must index, store, preserve, retrieve, and reproduce imaged documents.
Our software enables people to find and retrieve information in video content that's accessible anytime, on any device.
For the next step, move to an open area and place a couple decoys right in front of you to the left and right but not in line with where you'll toss a training dummy for your dog to retrieve.
No retriever has ever had an unselfish instinct to retrieve anything to a human being.
Cheek further testified that video showed Wheeler leaving the store and going out to his van, which was parked in front of the store, to retrieve a rifle that he brought into the store and fired at Simons, hitting him in the upper body.
If your laptop gets lost, you log on to Solagent from any PC, report the unit missing and choose which files on your laptop to encrypt, retrieve or delete.