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The engine then ranks the distances to determine the order of retrieved cases so that the users are prompted with the best matched case first.
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One month later, Rico correctly retrieved three items during six tests, each test using one of these new words.
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What's your opinion: Should artifacts from the ill-fated ocean liner be retrieved and preserved in museums, or left to rust in peace?
In the above example, the user has used natural language and consequently a vast number of documents were retrieved, namely 447,129.
Depending on how many data are being retrieved and the speed of your computer, this could take some time.
When information must be retrieved from the DBMS, the software searches all related files to present the relevant information.
01(4) states that the imaging system must be such that the taxpayer's books and records can be "automatically" identified and retrieved for viewing and printing.
For example, an investor's Schedule K-1 can be retrieved in minutes, rather than hours or days (as would be if it was stored off-site).
The Option[TM] Filter now has been successfully retrieved ranging from day 14 to 107 in this study with several of the longer term retrievals (day 84 to 107) performed by Anthony C.