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The enforcement cell led by Judicial Magistrate MDA Farooq Qamar Kamboh raided at Shah Rukn-e-Alam area and retrieved plot No-289 by demolishing double storey building.
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The engine then ranks the distances to determine the order of retrieved cases so that the users are prompted with the best matched case first.
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Forced to search where he couldn't see anyone, the dog in four tests retrieved 37 of 40 objects correctly.
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A history feature tracks user commands and retrieved items so that they can be quickly reused or reviewed.
This lack of an "auto-categorization capability" leaves organizations vulnerable to spending large amounts of money to store and manage large, unnecessary volumes of redundant or worth-less email data that can't be easily retrieved or authenticated.
Using the 3-seat Russian submarine Mir-l, equipped with robotic arms, the company has already retrieved about 500 artifacts.