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The retrieving dog makes the retrieve and returns it to his owner, while the waiting dogs continue to remain seated.
But despite such shortcomings, many say tagging is much easier than the current system of organizing and retrieving files from a computer.
Dragon is also working on its own database for storing and retrieving audio indexes.
At the same time, a SAN attached server could be responding to data base queries from clients and quickly retrieving the relevant data blocks that compose records from SAN-attached storage.
Also frowned upon is a server who waits at the net, instead of going to the baseline, while an opponent is retrieving a ball.
In Reyes, the court concluded retrieving messages from within a pager constitutes accessing stored communications within the meaning of Title II.
01(8) provides that the taxpayer must provide the IRS with the resources necessary for "promptly" locating, retrieving, reading, and reproducing on paper any imaged documents, but does not hint at what distinguishes "prompt" from "not prompt" action.
For example, filing or retrieving a single document can cost as much as $20 in labor.
COLD technology provides a faster method (seconds) of retrieving documents than with microfiche because COLD technology uses computers and specialized index/retrieval software to access information while microfiche relies on manual methods that are significantly slower (days).
Classifying e-mails as they enter archives helps to minimize the cost and time for identifying and retrieving e-mails containing discoverable information in a lawsuit.
A QUICK WAY to lose any chance of a second invitation to hunt your friend's duck hole is to bring an unruly dog that spends the day banging around in the blind, spilling coffee, breaking with the shot and retrieving decoys.