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Keep this up until your dog is retrieving singles at a full 100 yards.
But despite such shortcomings, many say tagging is much easier than the current system of organizing and retrieving files from a computer.
Dragon is also working on its own database for storing and retrieving audio indexes.
If a customer needs raw speed, as in postproduction video editing applications, retrieving data blocks directly from disk will always be much faster than making a file request to a NAS device (which must then go get the blocks that compose the file).
E-mail, listserves, Web sites, chat rooms, teleconferencing, and computer bulletin boards not only assist in disseminating and retrieving information, but can also enable counselors to network with colleagues (McLellan, 1999; Myrick, 1997).
Media companies are looking for better ways to archive film footage and digitize their video libraries, and by using LTO Ultrium, these companies can automate the process of searching and retrieving video/film content.
Many of the current imaging software applications incorporate scanning capabilities into their storage and retrieving capabilities.
Show some class: Retrieving your ball from the cup with your putter is considered uncouth.
In addressing the admissibility of evidence obtained as a result of retrieving messages from a pager, courts have applied traditional Fourth Amendment search-and-seizure principles.
01(8) provides that the taxpayer must provide the IRS with the resources necessary for "promptly" locating, retrieving, reading, and reproducing on paper any imaged documents, but does not hint at what distinguishes "prompt" from "not prompt" action.
For example, filing or retrieving a single document can cost as much as $20 in labor.