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It is the professor's responsibility to choose and apply the adaptation solutions with their students' specificities and the aimed results, being attentive to the work load provided, so much for the retroactions as for the cognitive and metacognitive requirements resulting from the necessary understanding of the phenomena unchained by the use of technologies.
13) Sur la question de la retroaction gidienne, voir Matthew Escobar (2002).
Pour assurer la pertinence soutenue, la retroaction constante du milieu universitaire est essentielle.
Mais comme l'observera tres justement le juge Rothstein, la retroaction de l'exelusivite ou la reconnaissance d'un interet dans le droit d'auteur au sens de l'article 13(7) LDA ne determine pas la nature des droits engages en cas de manquement (116).
Des boucles complexes de retroaction peuvent provoquer des effets de beaucoup plus grande portee que les effets directs: p.
I think this notion of retroaction might offer a handle for the study of medievalist texts since it posits a different relation between past and future, a different kind of history.
Thus, for example, Haydee Faimberg makes interesting use of Nachtraglichkeit, or, as she more often labels it, apres-coup, to designate the double movement of anticipation and retroaction in the analytic experience.
A dynamical model of plant growth with full retroaction between organogenesis and photosynthesis.
This misrecognition, then, occurs within a complex combination of anticipation and retroaction.
Three quarters of a century after Andre Gide had formulated his theory of retroaction (1) which highlights the symbiotic relationship between reflexive writing and identity, the work of Georges Perec (whose first literary text was a still unpublished pastiche of Gide's Paludes entitled Manderre) explored the materiality of language in a way that called into question the notion of authorship (and with it concepts of identity and agency).
Nevertheless, we tested the effect of a possible caribou-wolf retroaction mechanism.
The analysis performed is not that of conversation, because discourse analysis is asynchronous, with an immediacy in retroaction and response that sometimes, as we have already indicated, may be restrictive.