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Accordingly, reinsurance from the United States placed with a foreign reinsurer that is then retroceded would be subjected on retrocession to the same theories.
Fourth quarter cash flow is expected to be negatively impacted by payment of the deposit premiums under the renewed core casualty treaty and the payment of retroceded assumed reinsurance premiums.
together with certain business retroceded within the Scottish Re group; and,
Adjusting first quarter 2007 retained losses for the retroceded losses of $133,649, losses would have been $772,553 for a 95% increase.
All retroceded business will consist of personal lines property catastrophe business primarily covering Florida homeowners' hurricane risk incepting on June 1, 2007.
Best's rating evaluation is XL Capital's agreement with Cyrus Re that began in 2006 in which XL Capital retroceded 50% of its property catastrophe premiums to Cyrus Re to reduce volatility while, at the same time, improving the quality of the its risk-adjusted returns.
In view of the negative earnings impact of the 2005 events, the company has increased the amount of retroceded property risk going forward.
LLGRC continues to carry high levels of reinsurance recoverables as a result of writing financing agreements, which were subsequently retroceded to its affiliates.
Additionally, AGC ceded or retroceded higher risk insured business to AGR, including single-name credit default swaps, health care, and layered and first-loss reinsurance from an unaffiliated 'AAA' primary company.
has effectively retroceded a portion of its Zenkyoren earthquake and typhoon exposures.
A main strength of IORe is the limited risk retention, as underwriting and timing risks are fully retroceded to the company's shareholders.