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RETROCESSION, civil law. When the assignee of heritable rights conveys his rights back to the cedent, it is called a retrocession. Erskine, Prin. B. 3, t. 5, n. 1; Dict. do Jur. h.t.

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Net income (loss) before Life Retrocession Arrangements (Notes 1 and 3)
6) However, according to Article 16 of the statute, the applicant state can decide on behalf of the responding state regarding the custody of the child if a reasonable amount of time has passed after the rejection of the retrocession or if no application has been made.
The Life Retrocession business does not align with Manulife's strategy because of changes in the life reinsurance market going forward,' said Donald Guloien, chief executive officer.
In addition to the non-renewal of its main retro inward programme, Kuwait Re has introduced a risk tolerance for its entire portfolio, including its other retrocession contract.
Net realized and unrealized (gains) losses on life retrocession embedded derivativeand derivative instruments - Life Funds WithheldAssets
In October 2011, Flagstone Suisse increased the level of retrocession protection afforded to FReA, through the provision of a 100% quota share arrangement, thereby assuming all of FReA's obligations derived from contracts written from the beginning of July 2008.
9 million of income related to designated investments that support the Life Retrocession Arrangements written on a funds withheld basis.
Joining him in Bermuda will be Julia Henderson, earlier a vice president at PartnerRe, who will be putting up the business in the areas of US property catastrophe reinsurance, retrocession and ILW s covers.
The retrocession market, across the board in all classes, was a lot more difficult, with quite significant hardening in terms," said Robert Johnston, managing director of Copenhagen Re UK.
Backed by the financial strength of Pacific Life, we look forward to providing our life retrocession clients with the high-quality service and customized solutions their business requires," said David Howell, senior vice president, Pacific LifeCorp.
1] Defined as net income (loss) attributable to ordinary shareholders excluding: (1) our net investment income attributable to life retrocession arrangements (2) our net realized gains and losses on investments, net of tax, (3) our net realized and unrealized gains and losses on derivatives, net of tax, (4) our net realized and unrealized gains and losses on life retrocession embedded derivative, net of tax, (5) our share of items (2) and (3) for XL's insurance company affiliates for the periods presented, (6) our loss on sale of life reinsurance subsidiary, net of tax, and (7) our foreign exchange gains and losses, net of tax.
Retrocessions are a key element in the provision of flexible compensation schemes.