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RETROCESSION, civil law. When the assignee of heritable rights conveys his rights back to the cedent, it is called a retrocession. Erskine, Prin. B. 3, t. 5, n. 1; Dict. do Jur. h.t.

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5) According to Article 19 of the agreement and articles 12, 13 and 14 of the statute numbered 5717, the decision about the retrocession should not contain any judgment about the custody of the child and if the rescission is definite, it is up to the demanding state to make decisions about their custody.
Manulife's Life Retrocession business has nearly 90 employees in offices in Toronto, Boston, Barbados and Cologne.
That threatens their viability, and they also become more expensive to the retail market they serve because of the retrocession baggage imposed on them.
Reinsurance and insurance company Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings SA (NYSE:FSR) reported on Thursday that it expects to record losses of USD25m to USD30m, net of reinstatement premiums and retrocession, related to the severe weather activity in the US in April and May 2011.
According to the report, the pressure on retrocession, marine, energy and the U.
While the reinsurance community has come to refer to this type of vehicle as a "sidecar," Blue Ocean Re sees itself as a more traditional style of company specializing in property retrocession.
Le Conseil d'Etat, la juridiction administrative la plus importante d'Egypte, a dit son mot dans l'affaire de la retrocession a l'Arabie saoudite de deux iles de la mer Rouge, Tiran et Sanafir.
PartnerRe said that its loss estimate is net of reinstatement premium and retrocession.
He added these pressures are particularly apparent in retrocession business, or coverage that is ceded to other reinsurers.