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RETROCESSION, civil law. When the assignee of heritable rights conveys his rights back to the cedent, it is called a retrocession. Erskine, Prin. B. 3, t. 5, n. 1; Dict. do Jur. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Further rate hardening could lead global reinsurers to gradually cede less of their exposure to the retrocession market.
Il semble donc que, pour les Hongkongais, la semi-autonomie prevue par l'acte portant retrocession du territoire a la Chine et qui devrait s'etaler jusqu'en 1947 ne soit plus qu'une chimere.
(1) According to Article 6/2 of the statute numbered 5717, the authoritative court in matters relating to retrocession or bargaining rights is the family court, situated in the residence of the child during the application, according to Article 10 of the statute.
The down grading of the Reinsurance companies in Africa, he observed, arose from delays in reinsurance premium remittances, and as such the retrocession costs are raised.
* Validus Services, Inc., a reinsurance company that writes property catastrophe, per risk, marine and energy, retrocession and other specialty short-tail lines of business, leased 3,775s/f at 48 Wall St.
At last fall's Monte Carlo Rendezvous, the talk was on the retrocession market and what would happen because of Swiss Re's acquisition of GE Insurance Solutions.
Retrocession business grew to $42.6 billion in 2005 from $31.2 billion in 2004.
In fact, all subsequent reinsurance (retrocession) arrangements with foreign reinsurers theoretically are subject to the FET.
If they were not, claimants could not bring the payments under Section I into the calculation of the ultimate net loss in the retrocession agreement, nor could they apportion any part of the Section IIIA and Section IIIB settlement to Section IIIB for the purposes of computing the ultimate net loss as between the claimants and defendants.
2% of mathematical reserves net of retrocession on life business.
The fight against PL 280 succeeded but involved frequent disputes with state and local officials in Nebraska who opposed "retrocession" (that is, restoring tribal-federal jurisdiction).