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The covalently linked carboxymethyl potato starch-whey was characterised by improved thermal stability and reduced retrogradation in comparison to unmodified starch.
Functional, physicochemical and retrogradation properties of sword bean (Canavalia gladiate) acetylated and oxidized starches.
Cette defaite est egalement synonyme de retrogradation a la troisieme place pour les Eequatoriens.
Ribotta PD, Leon AE, Anon MC (2003a), Effect of freezing and frozen storage on the gelatinization and retrogradation of amylopectin in dough baked in a differential scanning calorimeter.
The degermed white maize flour stands a better change for application in confectionary than the degermed yellow maize flour owing to appreciably higher stability and correspondingly lower retrogradation.
Aart Mateboer, director of food enzymes at DuPont Industrial Biosciences, explained: "Our enzyme complexes delay starch retrogradation and other factors believed to be responsible for staling .
while the right of primogeniture has maintained nearly a stationary condition, or has perhaps caused even a retrogradation in the number of landed proprietors.
The oxidation process aims to introduce carbonyl and carboxyl groups which increases clarity and reduces retrogradation of cooked starch pastes providing lower viscosity and low temperature stability.
Montaigne invokes the notion of a microcosm to refer to all the pieces and parts that human philosophers rely on in their efforts to work out this organization: "Il n'y a pas plus de retrogradation, trepidation, accession, reculement, ravissement, aux astres et corps celestes, qu'ils en ont forge en ce pauvre petit corps humain" ["There is no more retrogradation, trepidation, accession, recession, reversal, in the stars and heavenly bodies, than they have forged in this poor little human body"] (537).
Some Properties of Com Starches II: pysicochemical, gelatinization, retrogradation, pasting and gel textural properties.
This process slows the retrogradation that occurs in cooling, and plasticizes the starch, making it behave like a thermoplastic and increasing its shelf life by years.