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This is termed as retrogradation and is undesirable in many food applications [30].
According to that, bread baked at lower temperatures (e.g., under slight vacuum to achieve crumb cooking at temperatures < 100[degrees]C) stales at a slower rate in terms of starch retrogradation [90].
Au moment de l'entretien, elle ne semble pas particulierement frustree par cette retrogradation socioprofessionnelle, son principal objectif etant de devenir a l'aise en anglais :
The RITM said the alleged cooked fake rice sample was morphologically different or different in form and structure from the cooked NFA rice sample because further investigation showed that the rice sample underwent retrogradation process that resulted from a series of freezing, thawing, and heating that rice sample went through.
Ti-clinohumite can be preserved within calcite, which isolated Ticlinohumite from ulterior retrogradation and allowed its preservation.
Le changement de leader--soit administratif, soit politique entraine souvent une retrogradation de la mesure de la performance dans les priorites (Sanger 2013).
This is because, they are susceptible to retrogradation, syneresis, unwanted viscosity as a result of their inability to withstand the typical industrial processing conditions such as extreme temperature, pH, high shear rate, and freeze thaw variation encountered during manufacture of food and allied products.
Harlan 1974.Monitoring the vernal advancement of retrogradation (green wave effect) of natural vegetation.
C'est aussi une occasion pour presenter des indicateurs a meme de dissiper les doutes et les apprehensions, caracterisant cette periode de transition fortement marquee par une retrogradation des classements de la Tunisie.
Reason of the lowest retrogradation in oxidized starch could be the presence of carbonyl and carboxyl groups on polymeric chains of starchThe gel elasticity of native starch after 24 hours storage under refrigeration conditions was higher than modified starches.