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Other research has also found that BDNF can be retrogradely transported through motoneurons from the skeletal muscles to the spinal cord [81-82].
Two new insufflation tubes were then placed by the surgeons--the proximal ends being passed retrogradely via the new larger ET, the tracheal ends being inserted into the left and right main bronchi.
After passing through the skin--especially broken skin--the viruses are transported retrogradely along dendrites of sensory neurons to the dorsal root ganglion, where they remain dormant until a stress situation triggers anterograde translocation along the dendrites back to the skin (Kennedy and Chaudhuri 2002; Terasaki et al.
The QRS morphology is similar, but instead of independently occurring sinus P waves, the P waves now arise from impulses conducted retrogradely from the ventricles; are negative in 2, 3, and aVF; and are peaked positively in [V.
Since we could not advance any catheter and guidewires retrogradely from the descending to the ascending aorta, radial artery puncture was performed and a catheter was placed antegradely at the distal of the left subclavian artery.