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However, in December 2017, the F-2B priority date retrogressed, or moved backwards to July 1, 2006.
The ChMC (Carboniferous--Permian) consists of three units, namely schists, fine-grained gneisses and metabasites (amphibolites and retrogressed eclogites), separated by tectonic contacts.
To the extent that there is agreement among different analysts, it is that (a) limited political reforms have stagnated and even retrogressed since the fourth Plenary Session of September 2009; and (b) significant political reform is needed in the not-too-distant future.
Middle East process instead of making progress has retrogressed due to Israeli intransigence and Obama's visible inclination towards Tel Aviv.
However, it is also true that the targeting of certain religious groups specifically exposes the large extent to which social conscience has retrogressed away from the state, and subsequently, this underscores the difficulty in it being restored, in its sense as a guarantor of equality among the citizens, most importantly the right to freedom of belief.
Retrogression and Water Level Variation: Feasibility Report Taunsa Barrage (2005) noted that the tail water level retrogressed by about 4 ft and 7 ft, under gated and ungated flow, respectively.
As much as we may have retrogressed in some fields (e.
From a load shedding schedule [which started in August 2006] of 12 hours light-off every five days, we have retrogressed to a 12-hour light-off every other day and are currently being subjected to a 15-hour lights-off every other day even though this latest move has not been officially announced," the CJA said.
In some cases, they have actually retrogressed from their status before independence.
23) Graft, whose remarks were reprinted in the paper, argued that society had retrogressed in terms of freedom since the eighteenth century and concluded that intellectual freedom was necessary to political freedom.