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The contradiction between capitalist restructuring and the ideological phantasm of states' rights accounts not only for the South's but also the nation's neoconservative retrogression on political and social rights over the past three decades.
At issue was the question whether the failure to maintain a preexisting coalition district constituted retrogression precluding section 5 preclearance.
The remaining 23 periods show a general retrogression of year-to-year change in average TFP.
Closer to us, remember the 197os, as another period of retrogression and gloom which ended with the election of a new wave of political leaders and made of the I 98os winning years for the West: Britain's Margaret Thatcher (T979), Ronald Reagan (198o), France's Francois Mitterrand (1981), Spain's Felipe Gonzales (198z), and Germany's Helmut Kohl (T983)--not to mention Pope John Paul II and others elsewhere.
Yet, since that time, almost all foreign scholars of the CPC see: a failure to implement the "Decision"; a pervasively and increasingly corrupt Party; an unprecedented crackdown on dissidents and citizens; a dramatic upsurge in ethnic unrest among Tibetans and Uyghurs and stepped-up suppression of them; a stagnation and retrogression in inner-Party reforms; a retreat from economic liberalisation and re-emphasis on SOEs and central planning; and elite factionalism, purges and a generally risk-averse leadership.
On the contrary, since socialized medicine is a retrogression, the non-participant is in the fore front of medical progress.
At the same time, unfinished debates from the 2006 VRA reauthorization process have left the Department with a choice between two different interpretations of section 5's new retrogression standard: one favored by Democrats and the other favored by Republicans.
With the mixture of tribalism and retrogression of the Islamic regime, the crimes continue unabated in every form imaginable.
An additional point of concern is that King has surprisingly little to say about cases of retrogression, or where a state takes backwards steps in the realisation of a social right.
Even their adoption of the pseudonym of an apochryphal Indian family denotes a parthenogenetic retrogression from human to vegetal.
This retrogression led to a decline in productivity per person engaged in agriculture, the adverse effects of which were perhaps softened to some extent by the shock absorbing capacity of the old institution of the joint family.