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specific clarifying definition of the new retrogression standard.
This would be, as it were, a triple retrogression: If Professor Karlan is right to characterize Ashcroft as a retrogression (i.
This means the filing of a new application under PERM could lead to a new priority date and lead to significant delays for professionals subject to backlogs (or retrogression, as discussed above).
In other words, entrepreneurs can engage in productive activities resulting in economic growth or they can engage in unproductive and evasive activities resulting in economic stagnation or retrogression.
An intimate tragedy transformed into a collective nightmare," it said: a nightmare for those, that is, who believed that the social changes of the sixties represented an advance rather than a retrogression.
Among its expressions are the alleged retrogression of retrograde neo-Classicism, post-Modernism, neo-Modernism, and "New Urbanism.
Far from expressing a sequence of never ending progression," as Dunayevskaya puts it, "the Hegelian dialectic lets retrogression appear as translucent as progression and indeed makes it very nearly inevitable if one ever tries to escape regression by mere faith" (332).
The primary reasons for the retrogression of Sino-American relations in recent years can be summed up as: first, the growth of a conservative trend in America's domestic political scene, as well as in society generally; second, the rapid rise of China's power in the region which aroused a psychological response in some American sectors; third, the assumption that the United States began to reconsider utilising Taiwan in containing China's development.
One of the last video projections in the exhibition, Taylor-Wood's Noli Me Tangere, 1998, clearly articulates the artist's attraction to this space of simultaneous retrogression and progression.