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15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Baker & Taylor, one of the country's leading book and entertainment wholesalers, recently featured the video trailer for Ellen Larson's forthcoming dystopian murder mystery, In Retrospect as its home page "Reel Time" feature.
Many existing Retrospect sites, as well as small businesses that have either outgrown Time Machine or that wish to centralize their backups, might only have a PowerPC-based Mac to utilize as a Retrospect backup server.
EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), a provider of backup and recovery solutions, announced on 6 January the release of its EMC Retrospect backup and recovery software for the Mac.
The combination of Iomega external hard drives with Retrospect backup software integrated with Mozy online backup service means storing, protecting and accessing digital files is now easier than ever before," said Jonathan Huberman, President of the Consumer and Small Business Products Group at EMC Corporation.
In retrospect we should have completed this step much earlier, as we were transitioning the program out of the ACTD phase.
That's really what you were saying about the Narrative in Retrospect, that the diminished seventh chord is the permeating sound in both the Chopin [Ballade in G Minor, which is quoted in the Narrative in Retrospect] and in my work.
Only Dantz Retrospect has features that work optimally with external hard drives, allowing small companies to make the best use of their personnel and financial resources to implement a backup strategy that meets their needs for ease of use, budgetary concerns, while maintaining reliable data protection for on site and off site disaster recovery.
Because Retrospect is relatively new to the Windows platform (about four years) most Windows users have never heard of it.
Advanced functionality which automates the backup process, combined with ease of use makes Retrospect the best choice for these organizations.
Borges comments that certain works can't be parodied because they are already self-parodic, and in retrospect I see that my piece reiterated what the ICA as an institution already did--does--to itself.
In Retrospect does, however, reveal one big lie: the fiction that President Kennedy was unaware that his administration was in the assassination business, with Fidel Castro as the usual target.
com/research/e5137a/emc_updates_retros) has announced the addition of the "EMC Updates Retrospect Backup for Apple Macintosh OS/X" report to their offering.