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In other words, education that targets creating knowledge through action, coupled with critical retrospection of that knowledge.
With the benefit of retrospection, the rejection of comrade Telar, however disproportionate it may have been, was unfortunate development, but it was a decision that I still respect.
PLAGIARISM OR REVOLUTION reveals the Surprising precedents for some of his most idiosyncratic creations: One of the garish costumes of his breakthrough character Ziggy Stardust is discovered to have been manufactured from 1930s-style furniture fabric, registering a core of retrospection at the heart of Bowie's progressive impulses.
Ehrlich, the author of The Solace of Open Spaces as well as novels, poetry and other nonfiction, puts her considerable skill to work in Facing the Wave, which blends observation and retrospection gleaned from travels with friends and guides.
Before the start of the season, I went into retrospection mode and realised that while I was scoring runs, there was a lack of consistency and I was being immature and throwing my wicket away after doing all the hard work.
As it turns out, retrospection is a handy evaluation tool.
PDSH made a retrospection for the first anniversary of VMRO-DPMNE and BDI's rule that according to PDSH was once of the hardest for Albanians over the past twenty years.
RIGA - The beginning of the year usually starts out with a retrospection of what has happened the year before.
Khalid acknowledges that in retrospection, that was the easy part.
As your country celebrates the Queen's Day, do you believe this could be a time to look back and retrospection Can you elaborate what the last year was like
All this coming at a time of general economic crisis calls for retrospection on the events leading to the calamity with a view to reducing their impact in future.
The law, therefore, deliberately has a lack of retrospection to it.