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Turning to John Bernard's Retrospections of America, one finds a depiction of Southerners which is quite similar.
John Bernard's Retrospections of America contains a scene in which a Southerner really does capture a stranger and hold him hostage.
DOROTHEA HERBERT Retrospections Foreword by Louis Cullen Dublin, Town House, 2004, 9.99 [euro]
WITH THIS NEW PUBLICATION of her Retrospections, Dorothea Herbert joins the select band of eighteenth-century Irish woman writers--among them Laetitia Pilkington, Mary Barber and Frances Sheridan--whose work is currently in print.
Minimal editing has permitted the survival of fundamental inanity, Joycean analytic overindulgence, and compulsive retrospections that exasperate.
Instead, he offers some bizarre retrospections. For one, that Lyndon Johnson should have run in 1968 to force a referendum on his policy in Vietnam.
Tilden (1895), as well as an autobiography, Retrospections of an Active Life (5 v.
His own autobiography is Retrospections of an Active Life (5 vols, 1909 - 13).