retrospective effect

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How can the federal government make UFG adjustments with retrospective effect when the exporters had fulfilled their commitments with the buyers as per the then gas tariff applicable in 2012-13.
According to Article 14, if an employer did not pay for the health insurance of an employee and his family members who are eligible for health coverage, he will be forced to pay from retrospective effect, in addition to a fine not more than the annual subscription for each individual.
To exempt Raw Hides and Skins from levy of Sales Tax which has already been accepted in Finance Bill this Sixth Schedule of the Sales Tax Act, 1990 must be given retrospective effect from 12th June'2013.
Curiously, the speaker refused to accept George's resignation, and informed him he had been disqualified with retrospective effect.
No one is adversely affected by giving retrospective effect to this notification.
A source at the Traffic Department told the daily that the new amendments for the Traffic Law will be only applicable after 90 days from the day it is published at the official gazette and they will not be enforced with retrospective effect.
This report also examines executive opinion about the current and future state of the economy, and its retrospective effect on the industry.
US importers are eligible to claim the import duty paid by them for the eligible products under the USGSP Programme during the lapse in GSP coverage from 31 July 2013 with retrospective effect.
The EAT held those rights did not have retrospective effect.
This tax, which was not explicitly in existence at that time, was introduced in 2012 with retrospective effect and has been a cause for much concern among foreign investors.
Importantly, the new regime has no retrospective effect.
MANAMA:Bahrain-based reinsurance firm Trust Re yesterday announced Kamal Tabaja's appointment as chief operating officer with retrospective effect from December last year.