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A 5 year retrospective study of biopsied jaw lesions with the assessment of concordance between clinical and histopathological diagnoses.
In a retrospective study, 232 very elderly patients with an average age over 85 years were investigated, with infection accounting for 43.
Data Source: This retrospective study included 23,915 patients with type 2 diabetes on monotherapy with metformin, glipizide, glyburide, or glimepiride.
Data Source: Retrospective study of 7,319 women with a singleton pregnancy who received 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate because they had previously experienced spontaneous preterm delivery.
Another retrospective study in 2005 reported that patients who waited 26 weeks or more for ACL reconstruction had a significantly greater risk of developing meniscal pathology, compared with patients who underwent ACL surgery within 2 weeks of injury.
The retrospective study of surgical patients previously mentioned concludes that designing patients' rooms such that windows look out onto a garden can positively impact medication use and hospital length of stay.
The second retrospective study linking statins to a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease showed up in the Nov.
Data cost should be considered as it applies to the retrospective study and to the use of the credit model in future rating of policies.
So a team of investigators led by epidemiologist Beate Ritz of the University of California at Los Angeles launched a retrospective study of former nuclear employees to assess the long-term health effects of radiation exposures primarily due to the inhalation of airborne radioactive materials [EHP 108:743-751].
Given that interferons are known immunomodulators, I do not want any of us to have to wait for a retrospective study that may show these drugs to be a risk factor for cervical dysplasia.
In their preface the editors, both physicians, discuss the results of a retrospective study, performed in 1990, of their own patients with ALS.
Hamman discussed the mid-term results of a small, retrospective study of the Company's ATRILAZE[TM] System for cardiac tissue ablation in concomitant open-heart surgical procedures during a poster session Saturday afternoon.