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Radiographic findings of acetabular retroversion include the crossover or "figure-8" sign and the posterior wall sign.
After gelation, the species undergo retroversion over the course followed up to gelation.
5) Isa 39:2--Most regretful is the retroversion of [kappa][alpha][iota] [pi][alpha]v[tau][alp ha][sigma] [tau]o[upsilon][sigma] o[iota][kappa]o[upsilon][sigma] [tau][omega]v [sigma][kappa][epsilon][upsilon][omega]v [tau][eta][sigma] [gamma][alpha][zeta][eta][sigma] into [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], introducing an Aramaic form into an all-Hebrew text (pp.
Risks of loosening of a prosthetic glenoid implanted in retroversion.
In fact, through retroversion Talshir has actually restored a fine Hebrew word-play: msrym - srrh - mswr, which was presumably lost in translation.
For the long-term success of a TSA, excessive retroversion needs to be corrected at the time of the arthroplasty.
1990) Humeral head retroversion in patients with unstable humeroscapular joints.
Asymmetric Tensioning of the Rotator Cuff by Changing Humeral Retroversion in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty.
A Student's t-test (two-tailed, unpaired) was performed on the two datasets (Table 1) and revealed that the implant retroversion was the only variable to reach statistical significance.
Retroversion measurements were taken on these scans and compared to the augment chosen for the surgery.
so that each glenoid baseplate aligned with the inferior glenoid rim as the humeral component was oriented in 20[degrees] retroversion.