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They are all in astonishingly good shape; they invested everything in their bodies, and their bodies have returned the compliment.
Moorpark coach Larry Jones returned the compliment.
Scorsese returned the compliment by introducing Mean Streets to a packed screening.
The fashion industry learned from us; perhaps it is time manufacturers in our sector returned the compliment and re-discovered the business benefits of sourcing from local suppliers before it is too late.
In 1991, Soglo beat Kerekou in the run-off, and in 1996, Kerekou returned the compliment.
Roosevelt returned the compliment, labeling the Chicago, New York, and Washington papers owned by the Colonel and his relatives the McCormick-Patterson Axis.
In accordance to local culture, P&O Nedlloyd "borrowed" the name of the city and subsequently returned the compliment by making the donation to the new care home called "Hamakaze no ie" or "House of Sea Breeze.
Karl Jenkins gave Bridge Timber a lead from the penalty spot but Shaun Whitehill returned the compliment also from the spot in the 84th minute to earn Milewalk a point.
Vera returned the compliment saying Leighton was an "icon" adding she is an unusual young woman.
Shaun Connor struck back with two penalties for the home side before Scott Sneddon returned the compliment for Cardiff in the closing moments of the half.
Obama as "stylish", and the first lady returned the compliment to the entire crowd, saying: "You all look fabulous.
Obama returned the compliment and marked Washington's St Patrick's Day celebrations by appointing his ambassador to Ireland.