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Sabraw's ruling could force the administration to rapidly address confusion left by Trump's order, and government agencies to scramble to reunite families.
Stolen goods which police are trying to reunite with their owners
Cannes is also ( the first place when the two went public with their relationship, so it will be romantic for them to reunite here publicly too.
Sergeant Zahra Abdul Hamid and Hassan Ali Al Baloushi from Naif police station helped her reunite with her daughter within 24 hours.
Money raised through the Auction of Promises will go towards the Bring Adam Home Campaign, which seeks to reunite former Bahrain school pupil Adam Jones with his British mother Rebecca.
In 1995 Reunite dealt with 132 cases, compared with 146 in 1996 and rising to 230 in 1997.
LAHORE -- Punjab Emergency Service (PES), commonly known as Rescue-1122, has formally launched its service, Rescue Lost Helpline-1192, to reunite the families members separated due to the accidents and disasters.
But based on federal officials' own data -- and their record on reunifications so far -- it would be near-impossible to reunite all families by that deadline.
Government lawyers stated Tuesday that US officials will only be able to reunite 75 of 102 children under the age of 5 in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
government said it still had 2,053 children in its custody who were separated from their parents under President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy, and set out its most detailed plans yet on how it would reunite families.
The Welsh Refugee Coalition would like to thank Hywel Williams MP for co-sponsoring the Bill and express our heartfelt thanks to Jo Stevens, Albert Owen, Mark Tami, Wayne David, Nick Thomas-Symonds, Stephen Doughty, Jonathan Edwards, Liz Saville-Roberts and Carolyn Harris for attending the second reading of the Refugees (Family Reunion) (No 2) Bill and for supporting measures to help reunite refugee families.