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Our country's broken immigration system is failing all families and the measures included in the Reuniting Families Act are desperately needed," said Rachel B.
Mike Crowe has been reuniting those who have served in the Royal Navy through the organisation RN Shipmates for the last six years.
Banfield also strongly supports the Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families' goals to expand pet microchipping through scanners that can read all microchip technologies - a goal that would require AVID to lift its protectionist encryption methods.
On reuniting with Burt Reynolds in "Forget About It," Raquel Welch says, "It was wonderful to see him again.
This is another example of how the unclaimed property program is reuniting Californians with their money," said Westly.
The Minister also confirmed that after consulting with a variety of experts, he was advised that the chances of L98 (Luna) successfully reuniting with his pod will be greater in the spring.
For more than 53 years, Keane's mission has been to assist corporations in effectively reuniting owners with their unclaimed assets.
WGN has made a commitment to NCMEC to do its part in reuniting families and I hope that other networks follow this lead.
Through the power of our Darwin(TM) search technology and our access to myriad databases we have assisted thousands of people in reuniting, and gaining assurance in relationships and hiring.
There was an added flavor of unity to an event that will continue to be very beneficial for reuniting missing children with their families.
By moving these funds to the state in which the presumed owners reside we increase the probability of reuniting these individuals with their property, and while doing so, benefit Kansas citizens with the use of these funds.