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'To address this ugly trend, therefore, the board has resolved to revalidate the biometrics of candidates that had taken the board's examination to fish out these impersonators and prosecute them along with their sponsors,' the statement read.
In the manufacturing bond scheme, it has been decided to revalidate the licences for three years.
back to their homes, it was indispensable to abolish the existing TOO2013 and revalidate TOO2007
Nurses who do not revalidate will not be able to register with regulator the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and would not be able to work as a qualified nurse.
They should revalidate my passport so that my visit to Pakistan is facilitated," he said.
The Hamad Medical Corporation will soon begin to revalidate the qualifications, credentials and practices of all its consultant doctors including physcians at the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), it was announced yesterday.
RJ pointed out that it has also put various options to the passengers who already issued their tickets to RJ's destinations in Syria; they can refund the tickets of the cancelled flights or revalidate them to a later date after resuming the service, both options are valid with no penalties.
An amber light means it's been a year or more since UTAP has been able to revalidate the material with the equipment's PM or their representative.
However, the government lifted ban on cotton exports under political pressure on March 12 adding that it will take some time before exports resume, as Commerce and Textiles ministries will "scrutinise and revalidate" the registrations.
Sizes range from 4 mL to 50 L and small quantity to bulk packs, so scale-up can occur without the need to revalidate materials as projects progress from research into production.
Coaches attending two conferences over a three year period will also revalidate their FAW C Certificate.
A GP kills his patients, so the response is to revalidate optometrists.