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The agency implemented "system fixes," removed the inaccurate data, and revalidated the information.
As a result, data must often be manually re-keyed, reformulated, revalidated, or manipulated in order to be processed by incompatible systems.
Once a consultant has had their credentials revalidated, against the criteria used to practice in Ireland, they will receive a certificate and the validation will be effective for five years, during which time they are expected to be engaged in Maintenance of Certification/Validation Programme.
It is expected that the majority of licensed doctors will be revalidated by March 2016.
This edition has been revised and revalidated to reflect changes in product availability and clinical practice and safety concerns.
After 18 months the business was recently revalidated by Medicare.
That what was registered, had to be scrutinised and revalidated, almost half a million has already gone out from land custom stations, whatever was revalidated and was with the port authorities or the custom authorities.
With this qualification needing to be revalidated every three years, the grassroots conferences will serve a dual purpose as attendance will activate the qualification for a further three years.
The first time Del Rosario visited Yemen was on March 20, where he was briefed on ongoing politico-security developments and revalidated the Philippine Embassy team's contingency plan for the Filipino community.
The survey had been validated and revalidated in a pilot study.
At its meeting last month the GOC looked at three options for a licence to practice: Only those active in clinical practice are revalidated (identified by their having a Licence to Practise); All registrants are revalidated; All registrants are revalidated but to different degrees.
We requalified and revalidated all methods used to release products from our Totowa facilities.