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The Revalidated PIP outlines major government programs and projects that are expected to help achieve the targets under the Updated Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016.
At its meeting last month the GOC looked at three options for a licence to practice: Only those active in clinical practice are revalidated (identified by their having a Licence to Practise); All registrants are revalidated; All registrants are revalidated but to different degrees.
Scott Wilson Railways UK revalidated on August-08 JETRO report; while JICA carried Final study during Nov-08 to Feb-09 and Final report presented in May-09 with estimated cost of project being at US$ 1.
Validated application code does not have to be revalidated when switching between the different LIN standards.
Based on changes in these harmonized chapters, products may need to be revalidated.
Program discrepancies were readily identified and all confined spaces were revalidated.
Built using data that includes the dramatic rise in consumer indebtedness in recent years and regularly revalidated to ensure the model's continued predictiveness, VantageScore has shown to be more accurate than FICO[R] because it excludes the use of authorized trade lines," Somerville added.
had the opportunity to show their stuff as they trained, commissioned and revalidated the AN/TYC-24 Tactical Message System for secure messaging, April 12-May 7 at Dixon Hall and the 93rd Signal Brigade's Theater Network Operations Security Control Center.
The intention was for the first UK doctors 'to be revalidated in 2005', he added.
I am very proud to have been re-elected, revalidated by my constituents.
Along with a grade-A makeover, Kljunak said she is proud that Jordan has been revalidated as a distinguished school for its second consecutive four-year term in the state School Recognition Program.
Recently, some states have found that their classification systems need to be reassessed and revalidated to adjust to changing inmate populations and sentencing statutes.