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Many economists expect the UAE and some of its Gulf neighbours to eventually cave in to economic pressures and drop or revalue their currency pegs to the dollar, which has lost almost eight per cent against the euro since the start of this year.
Finally, Sfakianakis said, it could be that other GCC economies opt to revalue and de-peg as Kuwait did, even though Kuwait's decision was motivated by a desire to signal its disquiet about the proposed 2010 GCC currency union rather than to leave the US dollar axis.
Schumer and Graham are co-authors of a bill that threatens China with a hefty tariff on its exports to the United States unless Beijing agrees to revalue its currency, the yuan.
5% on all imports at the end of this year unless China revalues its currency within the next six months.
The group pushed Congress for action on several pending bills that would mandate China to revalue its currency, the yuan, to open market levels.
Final regulations (17) expand the circumstances in which a partnership can revalue capital accounts to include the grant of a partnership interest (other than a de minimis interest) for the provision of services.
The announced rollback in the rate reductions effectively increases current and future corporate income tax rates and, thus, all corporations doing business in Ontario must revalue assets and liabilities that were recorded under the previous tax rate schedule.
Moreover, Shulman does not ground his argument in an effort to revalue these works through a process which recovers them from the Left, especially the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA).
As a result of its review, BEA has developed two measures--current-cost and market-value--to revalue its estimates of the USDIA and FDIUS positions in prices of the current period.
Almost Seven in Ten Investors Expect China to Revalue Yuan by a Few Percent or Less against Dollar
Speculation that China would revalue its currency, which has been virtually pegged to the dollar, briefly sent the dollar lower to a one-week low of 92.
DUBAI: The UAE has no plans "at this time" to revalue its currency against the weak dollar, the country's central bank governor said.