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Taxpayers can revalue any gifts within the three-year SOL period if gift takes have been paid.
704-1(b)(2)(iv)(f) permits a partnership to revalue its property in connection with: (1) contributions of money or property by a new or existing partner in exchange for a partnership interest; (2) distributions of money or property to a partner as consideration for a partnership interest; (3) the grant of a partnership interest in exchange for services; (4) the issuance of a noncompensatory option; and (5) under GAAP, if the partnership is a securities partnership (substantially all the assets of which are readily traded on an established securities market).
Also, managers may choose to revalue assets when they face financial constraints such as violation of covenants, suffer higher debt contracting costs, and have good investment opportunities with severe underinvestment problems.
Oman has no plans to join the proposed GCC single currency and will not revalue its currency.
These concerns are precisely why as a Government, we had already sought the powers to free us from the requirement to revalue council tax in Wales before 1 April 2015.
These concerns are precisely why as a Government [we] had already sought the powers to free us from the requirement to revalue council tax in Wales before April 1, 2015.
Summary: Aboard Air Force One, June 18, 2010, SPA -- The White House added more pressure on China to revalue its yuan currency today, saying the world would be "better off" if Beijing implemented a market-based exchange rate, Reuters reported.
Persisting speculation that China may tighten its grip on credit and revalue the yuan also drew yen buying against the dollar and the euro, dealers said.
It is always tempting for companies to revalue assets in their balance sheet, as this usuallyprovideswelcome collateral for bank or other support.
Just a few years ago, when house prices were on the up, councils wanted to revalue all properties.
United Arab Emirates dirham forwards have weakened as investors pulled back bets that Gulf Arab oil producers would revalue their dollar-pegged currencies to fight soaring inflation.
DUBAI: The UAE has no plans "at this time" to revalue its currency against the weak dollar, the country's central bank governor said.