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* In the context of tiered partnerships, requiring a lower-tier partnership to revalue its assets if an upper-tier partnership that holds a controlling interest (representing more than 50% of capital or profits) in the lower-tier partnership revalues its assets in connection with a revaluation event.
The revaluation method allows companies to revalue their assets if fair value can be reliably measured for the entire class of assets.
It is seen by some market participants that any move by Beijing to revalue the yuan is likely to lead to a rise in Asian currencies including the yen.
SNOOPS are to barcode the nation's 23million homes - making it easier to revalue properties for tax hikes.
11 that Riyadh's decision not to revalue the riyal was a wise move.
Treasury Department new tools to pressure China to revalue its currency.
Although Beijing is under pressure to free the yuan up further, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao indicated earlier this month that the government would not revalue the currency in the fashion it did last year, saying there will be ''no more surprises.''
When asked if they believe mold can revalue a real estate transaction, 99% of respondents said yes.
A recent move to revalue the Chinese currency, the yuan, by 2.1% and to provide for a 0.3% band led economists to speculate that this would be the beginning of a floating exchange rate for the Asian giant.
Congressmen are taking a more open view to pleas by electronics manufacturers to pressure China to revalue its currency.
Behind the Schumer bill is a push to get China to revalue its currency, the yuan.
Los Estados Unidos solicitan que China revalue su moneda.