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Of the multiple projects in the pipeline for the Ayia Napa revamping venture, Karousos said that some are still at the planning stage, while others have already began, including the transformation of the Ayia Napa monastery into an archaeological museum and the revamping of the seafront.
Jamal Tariq said that Rs 17.945 were being spent on construction of a warehouse in District Headquarters Hospital Attock for the storage of medicines and its 20 percent work has been completed while Rs 1.600 million were being spent on revamping of labour rooms.
To begin with, the HEC engaged with vice chancellors and rectors region-wise, who shared their views on problems of the current 4-year integrated curriculum, and unanimously agreed on the urgent need for revamping the same.
'The purpose of revamping curriculum is to make the undergraduate degree a terminal one and produce graduates who are truly educated and have enough knowledge and skill to emerge into the professional world,' said HEC Chairman Dr Tariq Banuri.
While commending the government and the Ministry of Railways Development for ensuring that two passenger trains from Accra to Tema and Accra to Nsawam were back through the successful rehabilitation of the existing narrow gauge infrastructure by railway workers, and also the on-going rehabilitation works from Kojokrom to Tarkwa, they say 'We would urge the government and the Ministry to, as a matter of urgency, to prioritise this earmarked project and place it on top of all, the revamping of the Western Rail Line.'
This year, the large-scale revamping of the Krasnoyarsk Irkutsk oil pipeline will be resumed.
South African bank, Absa is moving ahead with revamping its retail bank.
The Enterprise Development Programme and the Training and Wage Support Programme are also in the midst of a revamping in line with maximising benefits as per market requirements.
KBR has a long track record of successfully revamping ammonia plants all over the world, including non-KBR technology plants.
Summary: Egyptian petroleum company Petrojet was awarded a US$ 33 million contract for the consolidation and revamping of already installed container docks in the Damietta governorate of the Arab nation.
This park was closed to the public some two months for revamping. Todate, it is out-of-bound for the public, and no work or revamping activities can be seen except the barbed wire over the iron fence and visibly overgrown grass.
The Prime Minister, in his remarks, observed that the present day socio-economic challenges and the need for ensuring good governance necessitate revamping of the legal arm of the government.