reveal itself

See: appear, arise, occur
References in classic literature ?
In more than one direction, the truth strove to pierce the overlying darkness, and to reveal itself to view, during the interval between the date of Sir Patrick's victory and the date of the wedding-day.
In the most insensible or childish minds, there is some train of reflection which art can seldom lead, or skill assist, but which will reveal itself, as great truths have done, by chance, and when the discoverer has the plainest end in view.
Thus far I had assumed (without any sufficient reason) that the clew of which I was in search must necessarily reveal itself through a written paper of some sort.
Was the way to discovery about to reveal itself to me through this girl?
A latent gift might reveal itself on acquaintance with the painters and writers whose society his wife sought; or domestic incompatability might turn him upon himself; a love affair might fan into bright flame a fire which I could have shown smouldering dimly in his heart.
After listening for several minutes she became convinced that no more than two or three rifles were engaged in the fight, since nothing approximating the sound of a volley reached her ears; but still she hesitated to approach, and at last, determining to take no chance, she climbed into the concealing foliage of a tree beside the trail she had been following and there fearfully awaited whatever might reveal itself.
President of CBS Entertainment, Nina Tasslersaid that 'Extant' is a very original concept with layers of humanity, mystery and surprise that reveal itself throughout the script.
you just never know when that magical shot will reveal itself, if you love pictures, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Josef Albers's (1888-1976) artwork, while concise in nature, allows complexity to reveal itself with prolonged looking.
But even if something is not visible from far away, it may reveal itself by reflecting sunlight.
Jacob suspects a prisoner has been possessed by the patron saint of rape victims and decides to spend the night in his cell to see if the devil or saint will reveal itself.
In September visitors from the Kingdom, will be invited to journey through the Centre and watch the mall reveal itself week by week, month by month, as retailers begin to open their stores to help Bahrain City Centre unfold into the Kingdom's ultimate retail, entertainment and lifestyle destination.