reveal the answer

See: resolve, solve
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There have been a few times in my life when the lyrics of a song seemed to reveal the answer to a problem for me.
A delve into the history of the Cargo Fleet area of Middlesbrough might reveal the answer.
Her journey to reveal the answer to that gnawing skin problem led to the opening of her Pembroke, Massachusetts, retail store, The Healthy Animal (
THE death of a well-known former Newcastle University teacher could reveal the answer to a riddle which has taxed the scientific world for 36 years.
Now the Birmingham Mail can reveal the answer, in the West Midlands, is: most of the time, yes they do.
It's been 30 years since EastEnders first hit our screens and this week there's the joy of a live episode to reveal the answer to the longestrunning whodunnit in history.
Schmidt will reveal the answer to his conundrum at centre on Thursday at noon when he names his team to face Italy.
For a month Paul, View Two's current artist-in-residence, has been displaying his Rockboys and ?' exhibition, promising to finally reveal the answer to the question.
Go around twice until every letter is used to reveal the answer to this riddle:
Only the Gold Cup will reveal the answer to the stamina question and, while most firms cut Flemenstar for that race after his Fortria win, it was interesting to see Stan James initially take a different view by easing his odds.
The shape of the brows can reveal the answer faster than waiting to hear her accent, a new study has revealed.