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A WORK AS CAREFULLY WRITTEN AS Political Philosophy and the Challenge of Revealed Religion deserves far more attention than a short review can bestow.
The natural religious tendencies of created man are incorporated into revealed religion as understood by Catholics.
Several scholars think that the application of scientific knowledge and technology should be circumscribed by what revealed religion considers proper, useful and wholesome (al-Alwani, Kamal Hassan and Jacob).
This chapter (the last to be written), and especially Mahdi's remarks on Alfarabi's "novel doctrine" concerning the qualifications of those who succeed the founder of the revealed religion, is also best understood in light of the preceding chapters.
Islam considers Christianity a revealed religion, vastly preferring it to atheism, even considering atheism a form of polytheism, as it attributes God's power to other than Him.
He considered the biblical story of creation as the poetry of nature, adopting a central stance between natural religion and revealed religion.
Newman did in fact, like Jaki, deplore rationalism; in his essay "On the Introduction of Rationalistic Principles into Revealed Religion," he asserts that "a rationalistic spirit is the antagonist of Faith; for Faith is, in its very nature, the acceptance of what our reason cannot reach, simply and absolutely upon testimony.
It is an attack against the very idea of any revealed religion that claims that it alone is the exclusive road to salvation.
Because the more upbeat English romantic poets attempted to replace the verities of revealed religion with imaginative intuition of the truths of nature, they unquestionably aspired to "song" as Berley defines it.
Augustine's City of God (430) supposes that the real alternatives are not enlightenment or religion but paganism or revealed religion.
Indeed, Glenn and Stack acknowledge this possibility in passing references to the "conflict between classical liberalism and revealed religion as such" and to Walter Berns's claim about tolerance and weakened belief (note 91).
Civil liberties secularism has rendered revealed religion incompatible with any significant place in public life.