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In reference back to the question posed at the beginning of this section, in a society that purports to value honesty and transparency, if the market is not to correct the imbalance between the revealer and the concealer, should the law?
Their topics include a ramble through the burial grounds of ordinary and holy beings in Tibet, morality and consort practices according to the treasure revealer Se ra mkha' 'gro's (1892-1940) biographical and autobiographical writings, treasure revealers and their role in religious revivals in contemporary eastern Tibet, local community rituals in Bhutan, the ala and ngakpa priestly traditions in Nyemo in central Tibet, and interpreting some predictors of sprul sku rebirth.
Nostradamus The Jew: Revealer of Lost History--Not Prophecy" explores Edwards' claim that the famed prophet was not in fact a prophet at all, but instead discussing past events in history that were not of the known public opinion.
Tyree's role as the keeper and revealer of secrets is further reinforced shortly after the scene with the fish dissection.
Clarke's production is full of wonderful devices but, for me, the most fascinating is his use of some of Strauss's original languages as a psychological revealer and concealer.
97) It is through Christ as teacher and revealer of wisdom, model and aid in virtue, that Antony becomes a true philosopher.
The message the tremor left behind was that it is both a leveller and a revealer.
Quentin acts as both the revealer of unspeakable history and the repressor of that history's revelation.
Since the kingdom itself was an organization created by the Spirit, so also was the church: "Now the individuals who thus respond to God by faith and who are regenerated by his grace are inevitably drawn together by spiritual affinity into fellowship with each other through Christ, the revealer of God the Father.
Community theatre acts as a social revealer in reflecting negative behaviours in the community, and by providing an opening to information from the outside world.