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It is a pity that Kongtrul's important role and his position with regard to this treasure revealer, to whom he felt particularly close, finds no mentioning in Doctor's book.
But when philosophy develops the universal truth of divine-human unity from its own thinking, it replaces the historical revealer of religion by reason itself.
Khaled Anatolios describes this as "Christic virtue" and is careful to explain that Athanasius's assertion that virtue is internal to the human person, "within us," and that all that is necessary for virtue is "our willing," is not to claim that virtue is achieved apart from divine assistance; rather, "through the incarnation, what naturally belongs to God and was historically effected through the agency of the Incarnate Word becomes in some sense ascribable to us as subjects, through grace." (97) It is through Christ as teacher and revealer of wisdom, model and aid in virtue, that Antony becomes a true philosopher.
During each workshop, three short assessments were conducted to determine understanding of each topic after it was covered (e.g., transparency tool, magic revealers).
With this word he claimed that Jesus is unique among all the religious revealers and prophets of history.
Both are art in the most fundamental sense, the uncognizant and sometimes unwilling revealers of the mystery story.
Terrone, on the other hand, notes that while in the past almost all treasure revealers were non-celibate, many (though not all) of those in contemporary Khams are celibate monks (88).
CUTLINE: (PHOTO) Doug Wilhelm, author of "The Revealers," has lunch with Quabbin Regional Middle School student Sarah N.
When economics and environmentalism now advertise themselves as revealers of the one correct--the one "scientific"--set of truths regarding society and the world, both thus follow in the Christian path.
Between water and sun, I'd say cameras are the cruelest revealers they raise the standing threat of exposure in Facebook and posterity.
STAYING OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES An inclusiveness among the themes and a potential for change and growth were revealers. Participants readily saw themselves in the present, at a particular place in time, reflecting on where they had come from, but also where they were headed, keeping possibilities open.
In this education, based on creativity and reflexivity, critical awareness is developed and it results in the inclusion of the students in the world as transformative subjects, as revealers of the reality.