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17 special meeting, where trustees voted to censure trustee Ron Gillis for revealing confidential information on one parcel's appraisal.
The notion of objectivity is blown apart, revealing the subjective point of view existing beyond the facade of a presentation of facts.
Legal disputes, though much less numerous than in Sabean's village, did leave enough archival traces to cast some revealing light, when contextualized with social-structural evidence, onto the inner workings of this society.
Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase stands as a seminal example of the Cubist deconstruction of object into geometric, mechanistic attributes--yet it clearly retains an appealing and revealing gestalt.
This section provides detailed coverage of 19 therapy channels revealing which actives are highly attractive to parallel importers.
HOLES IN HISTORY In another example of archaeological techniques revealing World War II history, Lawrence E.
Gayle's only criticism of Jones, presented in revealing sexual language, is that he accepts the "right of society to castrate him" because he adheres to some "superficial values, as readily, though not as completely, as the Harrisons" (185):
Certainly, no two-bit thug has ever been rendered so eloquently: Norman Mailer won a Pulitzer for ``The Executioner's Song,'' a novelization of Gilmore's execution and the media circus that surrounded it, and Gilmore's brother, Mikal, a former Los Angeles music writer, likewise received prizes for his sad and revealing memoir, ``Shot in the Heart,'' which has been transformed into a disturbing, melancholy and resonant HBO film.
It asks candidates to make judgments about their past behaviors or experiences to help determine eight revealing behavior traits.