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* an art project revealing learnings developed in ongoing units in social studies
They cleanse Africana drama by revealing its philosophical depth and inherent critical reflectivity.
Daniel Lee of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission said activists speculate that the whistle-blowing Wan has been charged with revealing state secrets because his findings showed that the government had been aware of the risk to public health.
The potential of MRI for revealing bodily processes in action within a living human being has not peaked.
No one in the media revealed that he was an active homosexual and that Toller Cranston, the skater, had been among his "partners." This silence allowed Scott to push through the sexual orientation Equality Act without revealing that he was in a direct conflict of interest position.
Though insightful in revealing how cancer affects the entire family, his account seems to interrupt the flow of the writer's voice.
If readers have other job-applicant interview questions they believe can elicit revealing clues about a candidate, e-mail them to the JofA at
We followed that by revealing that talks with Lazio boss Sven Goran Eriksson had opened and he was appointed as England's first foreign manager days later.
Flynn concludes with a new reading of two of Donne's letters from 1602, again revealing the importance of honor to the poet, but now during the crisis precipitated by his secret marriage.
Legal disputes, though much less numerous than in Sabean's village, did leave enough archival traces to cast some revealing light, when contextualized with social-structural evidence, onto the inner workings of this society.
The notion of objectivity is blown apart, revealing the subjective point of view existing beyond the facade of a presentation of facts.
Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase stands as a seminal example of the Cubist deconstruction of object into geometric, mechanistic attributes--yet it clearly retains an appealing and revealing gestalt.