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Revealingly, the Fund, not the European Union, has taken the lead in negotiating emergency assistance packages for Hungary and Latvia.
Revealingly, Craig - increasingly obsessed with his Geordie pal - spat back: 'He's slipping into his old ways of looking at Anthony.
more discerningly and more revealingly than any other artist.
But while singing Sven's praises as a person, Sparky, revealingly, shied away when asked if he admires his opposite number as a coach.
Revealingly, the lion's share of the biggest prices were paid by private European bidders.
Interestingly, and perhaps revealingly, the best performance in the ballet came from Reyes as the Youngest Sister.
He uses evidence from documents of practice such as wills, obituary books, hearth censuses, cartularies, and guild records to show when formal beguinages were founded, whether they were of the convent or court type, how many beguines inhabited these communities, how beguines were employed in the community and urban workforce, and, perhaps most revealingly, the socioeconomic status of both founders and members of beguine institutions.
In a recent brochure revealingly entitled Der Prozess ist genauso wichtig wie dos Ergebnis (The Process is as important as the Result, Berlin 1995), Jochen Spielmann dramatically widens the functions of the public monument.
In this sense, telephone calls are a revealingly recurrent motif in the novel.
Revealingly, they also have lower GPAs and test scores than students accepted in the later admission process.
Revealingly, Ellsberg had earlier enlisted in the Marine Corps, a move that would raise eyebrows from acquaintances in academe.
It's like 'Basic Instinct,''' she added, apparently alluding to a scene in the 1992 blockbuster in which an underwear-less Sharon Stone revealingly uncrosses her legs.