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Hence, Lanyer's use of apocalypse in her depiction of the Countess's place in this typological genealogy -- the Countess, who is earlier described in terms of the Song of Solomon as Christ's bride, becomes implicitly at the end of the poem "the woman clothed with the sun," the final representation of woman in Revelation, the fulfillment of woman's past, the image of woman's salvation.
The reading ignores, among other things, the fraught movements of Jamesian syntax, which make it difficult to read his fiction as simply or easily a path anywhere, much less to artistic transcendence: His legendarily difficult sentences enact the extreme epistemological pressure he puts on notions of artistic completion or revelation, and Powers's reading takes the always vexed and undermined positions of James's characters as epistemologically secure groundings for a cut-and-dry project of readerly decoding.
The high view makes revelation the exclusive basis of the moral life.
The latest revelation only serves to underscore that even the most ideal symbol can in fact be flawed by behavior that does not meet the military's code of conduct.
Don't even consider looking at the Revelation to John if you are delirious, intoxicated, superstitious, caught up in conspiracy theories or one of the sad souls on the lunatic fringe.
In these six lectures (given as Warfield Lectures at Princeton Theological Seminary) Professor Gunton sets out to describe the difficulties faced by any doctrine of revelation in the post-Enlightenment era and to indicate how those difficulties may be overcome.
Five of the nation's largest black church denominations recently announced the creation of the Revelation Corp.
REVELATION SOFTWARE has announced the availability of the latest release of OpenInsight Development Suite (OI), including a new release of OpenInsight for Web (O4W v1.
Although Gabriel Moran is renowned for his work on religious education, one of his most significant books is his Theology of Revelation (1966).
Revelation and Theopolitics: Barth, Rosenzweig and the Politics of Praise
If judged unobjectionable, a message from an apparition is considered "private revelation," absolutely subordinate to the essential public revelation preserved in scripture and tradition.