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Kingdom truths and revelatory teaching from Jesus in the Gospels, the Apostle Paul, and the Prophets and writers of the Old Testament are accompanied by faith building, heartwarming stories of God's intervention, transformed lives, healing, and prophetic fulfillment.
Though a direct link between Bonaventure and later secular aesthetics is more troublesome to establish textually given his very determinate Christian orientation in which the revelatory function of the beautiful points specifically to Trinity and to Christ, Bychkov traces the textual transmission from the antique and medieval sources of the previous chapters (especially through Augustine, who provides both the backwards link to Platonic tradition and an adaptation of Cicero) to Bonaventure.
This is an England that is acutely aware of the Papal inquisition and the academic controversy concerning alternative revelatory-inspired salvational doctrine, an England that--depending on the readership--simultaneously appropriates, repurposes, tolerates or nervously censors suspect theologies and revelatory writings.
She argues that other issues, most especially the complexly overlapping ones of orthodox but "left wing" revelatory theology and Continental heretical movements (both arenas in which women played key roles) occupied major English writers and ecclesiastical authorities.
Having just turned 90, the eminent American scholar and historian comments on the current state of race relations, offering his thoughts in an intimate and revelatory manner.
Enhanced with occasional illustrations by Noah Mavael Miller, Skinny Eight Avenue is a showcase compendium for the distinctive, thought-provoking, superbly crafted, almost visual, sometimes revelatory poetry of Stephen Paul Miller.
First, Scobie displays a commitment to the church and the ongoing revelatory character of the Bible within the Christian community.
The good burghers of Montargis (located just south of Paris) set aside a room in the town hall to memorialize local greats, and the pantheon they assembled is revelatory, running from the admiral turned Protestant martyr Coligny through the revolutionary orator Mirabeau to the Romantic painter Girodet.
Also being reissued by Yale University Press in time for the centennial is Andrew Birkin's revelatory J.
IDFA screened 230 films over 10 days, and despite the typical festive buzz and exhilarating discussions, trundling quietly alone across the Leisdseplein in the Amsterdam sunlight (or moonlight) between screenings became a welcome respite before confronting the next war zone, pit of despair or jaw-droppingly revelatory expose of inhumanity.
This issue is filled with other revelatory stories.
In his day, however, Salieri was a highly regarded composer, and the results of Bartoli's research prove revelatory.