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Kingdom truths and revelatory teaching from Jesus in the Gospels, the Apostle Paul, and the Prophets and writers of the Old Testament are accompanied by faith building, heartwarming stories of God's intervention, transformed lives, healing, and prophetic fulfillment.
Though a direct link between Bonaventure and later secular aesthetics is more troublesome to establish textually given his very determinate Christian orientation in which the revelatory function of the beautiful points specifically to Trinity and to Christ, Bychkov traces the textual transmission from the antique and medieval sources of the previous chapters (especially through Augustine, who provides both the backwards link to Platonic tradition and an adaptation of Cicero) to Bonaventure.
Other than Langland's appropriation by various readerships, salvational and revelatory theologies are juxtaposed with Langland's own frequent slippages into pseudo-prophecy Kerby-Fulton addresses the author's (and his presumed coterie's) own negotiations with suspect eschatology and salvational doctrine in his attempts to respond to the "horrific" severity of predestinarianism (344).
She presents us with a Chaucer who, in the House of Fame, echoes Langland's voice and concerns with revelatory material and matters of salvation.
God means what he ought to mean" (134) because the interpretation is not only epistemic (depending on a knowledge of a theology per se) but ontological: theological principles brought into play with the revelatory text unfold what God intends for persons precisely as believers.
Once beneath this surface, however, the reader quickly can be caught up in the narrative by Mortimer Frank and realize the potentially revelatory importance of a recorded archive that, along with independently cut discs and a number of video recordings, preserves an important part of the career of one of the twentieth century's most celebrated conductors.
This cultural study of the case's repercussions on the writing of Sartre, de Beauvoir, and Genet, the dramatic inspiration of Kesselmann, the film-making of Papatakis, Meckler, and Chabrol, and on the French consciousness generally, provides no answer, but a revelatory questioning of the reason for the horrendous crimes' enduring folkish fascination.
The entire piece had unfolded in one huge phrase, even the Beethovenian 'big tune' naturally assimilated into the argument, and the result for those uncomfortable with the symphony was revelatory.
David Cowart has made a career of offering incisive, elegant, and revelatory interpretations of contemporary literature.
Even the best TV nature show can't replace this revelatory function of zoos.
But what is wonderful about this book is that on virtually every page there are revelations about birds that are somewhere between revelatory and amazing.
Darwish's poetry has been growing in its abstractness over the years, yet somehow it remains intimate and revelatory.