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One reveler from Tayabas City also sustained minor injury from lighting up a "kwitis" (sparkler) while another merry maker in Sariaya got minor burns caused by a "fountain" firecracker, police said.
Several parades with huge floats are a major attraction of the carnival and people throw beads, masks and small toys towards the revelers during the parades.
In a nutshell: Mardi Gras revelers sober up (some of them, at least) when they learn where all those beads come from.
Oprah Winfrey tried to parse the "LOTR" victory at the bat; where editor--and vocal smoking ban opponent--Graydon Carter had stowed a plentiful supply of cigarettes for revelers.
The 2000 census says that 22 percent of Burning Man revelers are agnostic or atheist, compared with 0.
Revelers are expected to flood the ruins at Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuaman, which will be illuminated New Year's Eve.
Revelers are asked to bring two containers of canned food, but it's not required.
Nandgaon, March 7 (ANI):Women in Nandgaon town of Uttar Pradesh celebrated the 'Lathmar Holi' by beating the revelers with sticks,as they start the celebrations for the Hindu festival of colours, Holi.
A 4,500-square-foot ice rink becomes the centerpiece of Pershing Square, where revelers of all ages can skate.
It actually didn't matter what actress Apollonia, shoe designer Taryn Rose, socialites Marcy Engelbrecht and Nicole Bridget, or the other well- Chanel-heeled revelers were wearing.
Pele, Nadia Comaneci, Bart Connor, Francoise Mbango Etone, Gao Min, Felix Sanchez, Ian Thorpe, and Trischa Zorn); Hourly celebrity countdowns hosted by Kathy Griffin, Shirley Jones, and others; the world premiere of NYC2012's new promotional video; 100 White Comet Centennial Candles rocketing above One Times Square in honor of the 100th Anniversary; Singers, Comedians, Def Jam Poet Kayo Charles, and cast members from the Broadway show "Good Vibrations" will perform for the revelers in Times Square.
Revelers can enjoy eight open-air stages of continuous entertainment, armored jousts on horseback, street performances, hand-powered rides, pageants and a daily visit from Queen Elizabeth herself.