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What began in 1986 with 20 participants at Baker Beach in San Francisco has grown to a record 29,000 revelers this year.
29, when bashes rolled the red carpet back out and revelers lingered well into the wee hours.
But his portrait of the grim effects of globalization sure doesn't make you proud to wave the red, white and blue, and even manages to sober up a few Mardi Gras revelers in the process - no small trick, that.
Bourbon Street was overcrowded with thousands of tourists and revelers celebrating the last weekend before the Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday), when the shooting occurred.
After the last toast to the New Year, and hours worth of drinking and partying left behind, holiday revelers may look forward to hopping in their cars for a quick drive home.
By late Saturday morning the Cajun Creole Music Festival in Simi Valley was flooded with revelers wearing colorful strands of beads while sampling a smorgasbord of Cajun delights and washing it down with a cold brew.
Only Hotel In New York To Close Its Doors To Millennium Revelers
Although it will cost more to see in the new millennium, revelers can count on one perennial year-end bargain: their New Year's resolutions.
Holiday revelers who have waited until the last minute to plan Fourth of July weekend getaways still will find abundant opportunities to take in the rockets' red glare.
Complete live coverage of the Times Square 2003 festivities in New York City provided by an 11-camera mixed feed, including exclusive panoramic views of Times Square and the Ball from proprietary camera locations on rooftops and on the street along with the ambient and natural sounds of the revelers.
He makes sure to create a display that will tickle all the holiday revelers who walk or drive by, and he even dresses up as Santa and hands out candy canes on the weekends.
Revelers can enjoy eight open-air stages of continuous entertainment, armored jousts on horseback, street performances, hand-powered rides, pageants and a daily visit from Queen Elizabeth herself.