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Here they passed the remainder of the day, cooking and eating with a voracity proportioned to previous starvation, forgetting in the hearty revel of the moment the certain dangers with which they were environed.
And I said -- "She is warmer than Dian: She rolls through an ether of sighs -- She revels in a region of sighs.
Who--like the belated traveler that stands watching fairy revels till he snatches and drains the goblin cup and springs into the whirling circle--can view the mad tumult and not be drawn into its midst?
Here endeth my experience of the celebrated Turkish bath, and here also endeth my dream of the bliss the mortal revels in who passes through it.
I can no longer live without elegance, but a countryman shall be my master of revels.
During all this time the wild-boars and native buffaloes, reenforced by the ajoub--a very dangerous species of lamantine --carried on their ferocious revels in the bushes and under the waters of the lake, filling the night with a hideous concert.
Harris, however, revels in tombs, and graves, and epitaphs, and monumental inscriptions, and the thought of not seeing Mrs.
And the two friends told each other of their doings, the one of his hussar revels and life in the fighting line, the other of the pleasures and advantages of service under members of the Imperial family.
You want to race, hunt, entertain, shoot, join in the revels of country houses
He revels in the old-fashioned jokes, which used to be addressed to newly-married people, in his time.
She won't hold out all day, and we shall see her paddling back before noon, I'll wager anything," said Charlie; and the rest so strongly inclined to his opinion that they resigned themselves to the loss of the little queen of the revels, sure that it would be only a temporary one.
would trot past towards the abbey, or there would come a knot of torch-bearing archers walking in front of Gascon baron or English knight, as he sought his lodgings after the palace revels.