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The house of cards of these fragile mutual bonds then tragically collapses: at a feast at court, the jealous Duchess revengefully reminds the lady of Vergi that no love is so secret as never to be revealed, just as a little dog will always betray its presence by barking.
revengefully aggressive and patriarchal responses have shocked and
I start imagining my homebound boyfriend revengefully raiding my chocolate stash as I attempt to seduce a stranger.
Don Giannuari, sung by Gregory Dahl, is a pompous demi-god-turned-golf-pro who wins tournaments, kills a referee, is revengefully chased by former conquests and answers to a tribunal led by Zeus himself (David Watson).
They do need consideration support, help and where it is relevant compensation, but they should not be encouraged to think revengefully.
He calls her "uniquely disappointing, / revengefully wrought in the attitude / of an adoring child / to a distinguished parent." [13] Eve, on her part, complains of Adam's thoughtless power, claiming that "men are monopolists / of 'stars, garters, buttons / and other shining baubles'-- / unfit to be the guardians of another person's happiness." The only point of contact their monologues can manage is the final, pointed interchange in which Eve notes, "you know so many artists who are fools," to which Adam replies, "you know so many fools who are not artists" (79).