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With the acquisition of technology and assets from Reverb Networks, Viavi now delivers industry-leading automated network optimization.
NDN closed its acquisition of Reverb Technologies in June.
The company claims that users of its app are eight times more likely to read an article recommended by Reverb compared with suggestions from other news apps or sites.
We tasted Reverb against two other American imperial pilsners, and this one was tops in its class.
The money will go toward local charities Reverb ties in on its greening tours.
For its summer 2010 concert, the Lilith Fair is partnering with Reverb, the organization that has greened more than 80 major tours and kept over 67,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as a result.
ReVerb Networks, a specialist in smart antenna technology, announced on Monday (16 February) it will build its new line of digital integrated antenna arrays using WiMAX and LTE Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) digital and RF platform from Axis Network Technology (AxisNT), a supplier of radio remote heads, software defined radios and high efficiency power amplifiers.
Figueiredo and his team have a deadline of 2010 to produce commercially feasible systems that will enable robots and other vehicles to operate autonomously using technologies developed under the Reverb program.
Other tunes got lost in washy reverb and drummer Caroline McKay makes The White Stripes' Meg White sound like Keith Moon.
But an eleventh-hour buy-out by a group headed by Andrew Landesberg, owner of Hertfordshire distribution firm Arbiter Group, saw Rob keep his job and the store revitalised under the new Reverb brand.
The mixer offers balanced XLR connectors, mic/line switches and balanced one-quarter-inch jacks, two-band channel EQ and switchable 24-bit digital reverb.