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Note this too: when we confront "Meandrins" with "choisi" or "charite," for instance, all three have masculine endings, but the nasal vowel in the former is much more reverberant than the oral [i] or [e] in the latter two, even though they too are continuous, periodic speech sounds.
This loading is defined in modal coordinates and assumes a reverberant field at the inlet, which should compare closely to a source room with a reverberant field.
Thus, considering the specimens of whole reeds, the trend towards the coefficient of reverberant sound absorption completely differs from the trend to reducing sound level where the dependence of efficiency on thickness increases at high frequencies.
Homes are designed for comfort and generally furnished in such a way that there are few, if any, reverberant characteristics; essentially, they become anechoic chambers that do not give sound the "life" that it needs to travel well.
Most music doeso't benefit from quite a big acoustic but we have found it works very well in very reverberant spaces.
Line enclosures with sound absorbers typically reduce reverberant noise while barrier materials and composites can be used to block other unwanted noise.
The later anthems are full of pomp and grandeur - the better to ring round the reverberant spaces of a cathedral.
At its best, Sabra Loomis's House Held Together by Winds has a scintillating, reverberant persuasiveness; at its worst, it reads like solipsistic autobiography.
The main difference between prewar partial spectrum sound recording and postwar full spectrum sound recording was that reverberant fields were recorded and reproduced only after 1947.
The result is a power response (response averaged over the full 360 degrees around the speaker) that also displays that sag, thereby screwing up the reverberant field spectral balance.
Scatterer motion characterization and estimation in a reverberant medium.
The combination of excessive noise and reverberant classrooms contributes to the difficulties faced by all school children in understanding the teacher's verbal instruction (Crandell & Smaldino, 2000).