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For modelling sound propagation in reverberant environment Allen and Berkley proposed a very accurate method called Image-Source Modelling (ISM) [9].
This loading is defined in modal coordinates and assumes a reverberant field at the inlet, which should compare closely to a source room with a reverberant field.
Reverberant chambers are qualified and all sound measurements made in accordance with AHRI Standard 220-2012, Reverberation Room Qualification and Testing Procedures for Determining Sound Power of HVAC Equipment.
Appleby, "Detection of an object in a reverberant environment using direct and differential time reversal," The 6th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP), 1115-1117, 2011.
Note this too: when we confront "Meandrins" with "choisi" or "charite," for instance, all three have masculine endings, but the nasal vowel in the former is much more reverberant than the oral [i] or [e] in the latter two, even though they too are continuous, periodic speech sounds.
The coefficient of reverberant sound absorption shows the efficiency of controlling the field of reverberant sound in enclosed spaces (LST EN ISO 354:2006).
That afternoon, they broke up into groups of fifteen, and each group was given a room that was just slightly off--one too large, one too reverberant, one too dark, one too light, etc.
Later the reviewer learned from Lance Schachterle that de Falla had composed the piece for Wanda Landowska, who in the 1920s played on mammoth, reverberant harpsichords quite able to outmuscle the accompaniment.
Bringing a fresh and unique technique to the music industry, Britney incorporates an underground influence that takes its cues straight from dubstep: tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals
He later devised a technique of playing his guitar's bass strings to produce a low, reverberant 'twang' that became his trademark.
They may blame the difficulties on the speaker, when the problem might be the reverberant characteristics of the meeting room, the anechoic environment of their home, or auditory distractions.
Engineering/survey methods for use in situ in a reverberant environment.