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Reverberate programme manager Sarah Haythornthwaite says: "Reverberate sets out to support young people in performing their first gig, putting on their first event or singing into a mic for the first time.
Printz Honor Book and winner of the 2005 Best Collection and Best Short Fiction World Fantasy Award, these powerful stories will reverberate in your mind for years to come
Readers rely on BE to present ground-breaking, informative stories and to help make financial decisions that will reverberate throughout their lifetime.
In two other stories, we see how events abroad reverberate at home.
The effects of that epic trade deal encompassing Canada, the United States and Mexico still reverberate throughout the region, most notably in the ever-tightening relationships between the United States and its southern neighbor.
Although it is often assumed in the literature that globalization involves the export of American values and a noticeable tendency towards cultural homogenization, Watson reveals the extent to which cultural themes reverberate and create dynamic interactive systems that undermine unilateral tendencies.
The natural Green Grotto caves are a spectacular underground attraction with rock formations that serve as drums whose beats reverberate throughout the cavern.
But by the time those signals reverberate (bounce back) to your ears, they're only close to what others heard.
He also referenced what he called underutilized or idle pockets of space in the stack" which, even when the economy goes up and jobs are created, will reverberate in the market by adding absorption time.
While on their way, they would make the dense old woods, for many miles around, reverberate with their wild songs, revealing at once the highest joy and the deepest sadness.
point to the need for insurers to adopt a more holistic approach to risk management that takes into account how the effect of risks in one area can reverberate through an entire organization.
However, when crimes are committed because of our differences, the effects can reverberate beyond a single person or group into an entire community, city, or society as a whole.