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Witnesses said that since this afternoon, pro-freedom slogans and songs were reverberating in the local Masjids here to mark the protest against the civilian killings that took place during the clashes between youth and forces in different areas of Kashmir following the killing of Hizb commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani.
Reverberating Song in Shakespeare and Milton: Language, Memory, and Musical Representation offers a close critical look at the role of sound and music in the works of two of the greatest writers of the English Renaissance, William Shakespeare and John Milton.
He became so captivated by the joy of creative expression that within a year he abandoned his law aspirations and went to Paris to study art, in a period still reverberating with the color innovations of van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cezanne.
We come to know the exact assignments involved in Edward Cove/s wheat-fanning operation with a precision that leaves us unsatisfied with the important but brief description of the songs reverberating through the pinewoods of the Great House Farm at the outset of the narrative.
Indeed, it is the variety of source materials used, the author's innovative methodological approaches reverberating between social and cultural history, and the ultimate depth of research in archives across France that give these essays such credence and resonance.
But a huge shock it surely was, and it's instructive, here in a quite different world--one still reverberating from the collapse of the World Trade Center towers--to recall both Sputnik's shock and Sputnik's consequences.
Having grown up in the coal mining community of the Rhymney Valley, Chris was noted during the 1970s for his use of reverberating blacks and coal dust to depict miners and collieries.
Shimmering like disembodied ghosts, the hands below the dome transformed the structure into something like a speaking being, an uncanny, damaged body now reverberating with life and voice.
I returned home from my visit with Nancy Mannucci, an interior designer who has been designing commercial and residential spaces for 30 years, with her words "One must live among beautiful things" reverberating in my ears.