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A splashing of oars, a measured dip reverberating on the level of water, intensified by the silence of the shore into loud claps, made me jump up.
That's the moment when the initial runaway expansion of the universe ended in a burst of tremendous turbulence, shaking the fabric of space-time so violently that it's reverberating faintly even today, according to some cosmological models.
And, just for fun, there are many other jealousies, betrayals and even a wackazoid unsuspecting incest angle reverberating through the palace and beyond.
Drawing upon sources ranging from legal and religious tracts to lyric poetry, love elegies, comic drama, and graffiti on the walls of ancient Pompeii, Prostitutes & Courtesans in the Ancient World offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of women whose work in the sex trade often put them amid otherwise all-male gatherings, and whose literary representations often had reverberating political and social influence.
Magical elements such as the discovery of a prairie mermaid work their way into mundane individual lives, and nontraditional narrative forms obliquely illustrate how protagonists' crucial decisions have reverberating repercussions far beyond their immediate comprehension.
Downtown has passed its post-911 doldrums and is reverberating with signs of a high-end retail renaissance, said chairman and CEO of L&L Holding Company, David W.
NY] Certain artists, long after leaving the stage, remain present, reverberating like a heartbeat.
As he sat in utter disposition, the constant reverberating echo pulsated to the point of surrealistic nostalgia.
Longtime band-mate Jimmy Ryan lends a nimble mandolin, plucking puckishly on some cuts, adding aggrieved, reverberating strums to others.
We come to know the exact assignments involved in Edward Cove/s wheat-fanning operation with a precision that leaves us unsatisfied with the important but brief description of the songs reverberating through the pinewoods of the Great House Farm at the outset of the narrative.
Indeed, it is the variety of source materials used, the author's innovative methodological approaches reverberating between social and cultural history, and the ultimate depth of research in archives across France that give these essays such credence and resonance.
Shimmering like disembodied ghosts, the hands below the dome transformed the structure into something like a speaking being, an uncanny, damaged body now reverberating with life and voice.