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Sound was also the focus in both the convent chapels, famous for their long reverberation times. George Cremaschi played an improvisation between his double bass and the echo in the Chapel of St Benedict.
Bueno, Leon, and Galindo (2012) discuss the issue of the Santa Ana Church in Mortalez in Madrid, where too long reverberation time occurs.
In next part of simulations, the RMSEs of three algorithms under different SNRs are compared in Figure 4, where the reverberation time is also set as 300 ms.
These regulations specify the optimal environmental conditions to guarantee appropriate acoustic improvement (ICONTEC, 2006) and categorize spaces according to sound intensity and reverberation time. They also classify classrooms as a Type A Environment, which should have, at most, between 40 and 45 decibels of sound intensity with a maximum reverberation time from 0.9 to 1 second.
Reverberation time is a primary factor regarding the acoustics of a room.
Acoustics engineers normally use spreadsheet calculations for simple rooms, determining the reverberation time by the volume of the space, the surface finish and the shape of the room.
"The trend in architecture is open space and open ceiling, which looks great but is acoustically challenging since the reverberation time is typically too long because of the missing sound-absorbing materials," says Joerg Hutmacher, CEO at pinta acoustics, inc.
Because of the importance of speech and music in the plays, I will analyse the acoustics of the performance spaces in terms of reverberation time, clarity, and Apparent Source Width (ASW).
The installation of the Sandler absorber cut the reverberation time in less than half, thus significantly improving acoustics.
This is measured by the room's reverberation time (RT), a measurement of how reverberant (echoey and/or live) a space is.
Classroom reverberation time (RT60) is defined as the amount of time it takes for the sound level to decrease by 60dB.
Because these rooms are occupied by tables, chairs and other wooden objects the reverberation time is measured (see Table 1) and averaged over 4 microphones placed in different positions in each room see Figure 5.