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In a reverberatory furnace, extra castable insulation in the roof and block and board insulation in the upper sidewalls roof was added.
The association of short-term memory tied to consciousness within an architecture of thalamocortical reverberatory loops is proposed in [33].
After all, hers is a voice which, by its own reverberatory character, enables the lady to convey the Thing's distant nature to this scene, though the latter is located in the symbolic order.
My favorite is "All the Blue: From the Director's Book of Josiah Spode," the English ceramicist's dramatic recipe for heating a mixture of plaster, borax, and cobalt monoxide in a reverberatory furnace to create a substance known simply as "blue":
The labor-intensive sorting operation is probably the most unfamiliar element to a North American visitor, as Shanghai Sigmas reverberatory and rotary furnaces, its casting lines and its executive offices are on par or exceed what one would expect to see in North America.
Mr Belford said: 'The discovered cementation furnace would have consisted of a large sandstone chest, in an arched brick chamber (a reverberatory furnace).
Wyatt said architecture is a great asset to musical worship, "a really good naturally acoustical, reverberatory environment is so important, so the assembly can hear itself singing, because it doesn't have microphones.
The company's reverberatory furnaces had no capture system for SO2 emissions.
The concentrate produced by these unit operations was then transferred to the smelter, which consisted of 34 hand-reverberatory roasting furnaces, 25 reverberatory matting furnaces, and two 70-ton water-jacketed blast furnaces.
The study evaluated technologies, capital and operating costs for modifications to the existing reverberatory furnace, versus the implementation of new smelting technologies.
Saba here wants to end on a "classical" note as reverberatory and yet marmoreal as an ancient epitaph, hence the alliteration on m and the solemnly Augustan diction.
The filter cake is dried, then fluxed and roasted in a reverberatory furnace.