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PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT: 16 reverberatory and 10 rotary furnaces for secondary aluminum; three furnaces for zinc alloys; dross processing systems
Saba here wants to end on a "classical" note as reverberatory and yet marmoreal as an ancient epitaph, hence the alliteration on m and the solemnly Augustan diction.
July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- BOC Gases (NYSE: BOX) will install a Flat Jet oxy-fuel combustion system to fuel a reverberatory furnace at the Bermco Aluminum plant in Birmingham, Alabama.
He discusses the interrelatedness of speeches in drama and in particular the different ways reverberatory effects can be effected through verse speeches.
The direct reduction process deploys a range of equipment, including pot furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, regenerative furnaces, shaft furnaces, retort furnaces, stationary or rotary kilns, etc.
Reverberatory noise occurs when the transmitted sound pulse intercepts bubbles or biological sound scatterers (i.
The paper will discuss operational results, process optimizations and economy from installations in reverberatory melting furnaces, mixing furnaces and tiltable rotary furnaces.
In conjunction with the molding machine, Talladega Pattern added a new reverberatory furnace from The Schaefer Group, Dayton, Ohio, to help melting keep pace with molding.
Superior Aluminum Alloys melts scrap in three reverberatory furnaces that, combined, are capable of holding 30 tons of specialty alloy.
Alchem's production plant is equipped with on-site crushers, dryers and reverberatory furnaces and can efficiently process a wide range of materials.
The new plant, when completed, will house a new 180,000 pound/28,000,000 BTU reverberatory furnace, a 96-inch diameter turnings dryer, a 300-horsepower ring mill turnings crusher, three cone casting lines and a shot line, all supported by state-of-the-art pollution control equipment.
The plan includes the firm's own design for a gas-fired reverberatory furnace that features a method of recuperating heat from waste gases.