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DVD PS19.99/Blu-ray PS26.99 Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom 12 A REVERENTIAL and respectful biopic of the great world leader.
"He was such a fan of comedy, he was almost reverential and quiet around us."
Meanwhile, the fact that it was made by an American channel and recorded in front of a middle-aged American audience possibly gave some clues as to its feel - polite, showbizzy and reverential.
Indeed we journalists sat in reverential wonder at the sheer brain power represented in the theatre as the minutes ticked down to lift-off.I'm really looking forward to doing my Mars weather forecasts for the landing at the end of this year.
A few months ago they were still a little known cult concern, but on Thursday night they received a near reverential reception from a packed Wulfrun crowd.
George Stoll's Pop-inspired sculpture brings a campy sensibility to Ketter's drier work: The Los Angeles artist makes reverential "portraits" of disposable household objects.
Compiled, helmed and edited by subject's grandson, this docu is, not surprisingly, mostly flattering and reverential. Interviews with Kurt Vonnegut, who used physicist Irving Langmuir as the model for Dr.
Where more reverential histories try to parse out the bad from the good, Burner shows how the two were intimately, if not always necessarily, related.
Gareth Malone Voices OUR most famous choirmaster has created more reverential tunes that your granny will like - but so will you.
Out-half Priestland talks in reverential tones about Ronan O'Gara's Heineken Cup heroics in recent weeks and admits he looks up to the Munster star.
There was also a nod to the father Waters never knew with Southampton Dock (from The Final Cut), not so much reverential as defiant.
THERE'S something rather reverential - ethereal,even - about a performance by TheSixteen.