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You just smile" Actress Jenny Agutter on the wimple she has to wear in her role as a nun in TV drama Call The Midwife "According a pop star the same degree of reverential coverage which might reasonably be expected of a monarch says all that has to be said about modern priorities" Former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe on the "saturation" coverage of the death of singer David Bowie
However his daughters shouldn't worry, as dad faces daily punishment for his sins: Looking in the shaving mirror thinking "why, after 40 years in journalism, am I sentenced every day to bow and scrape on all fours, tugging my forelock until my balls squeak, describing in reverential terms a story no-one wants to hear, about people who treat me like a piece of week-old corgi crap".
A reverential silence greets the opening of a crate - It's only Jimi Hendrix in cryogenic state.
Looks like "Kung Fu," David Henry Hwang's reverential homage to Bruce Lee, should have been a musical after all.
Inside Llewyn Davis Cert 15 GET down with the beatniks of New York's Greenwich Village in this gloomy and reverential tale of 60s folk singers.
The playful daytime light, zigzag of canyons, sweep of sand dunes, jumbles of multi-hued mountain ranges, reverential solitude, and the desert sky at night ensure a mystical experience far beyond what the park's name implies
Jesus recognized the sacred ness of the offering of the precious gift of their children, and he stood in solidarity with them, proposing a vision of life oriented to the reverential reception of life, particularly in the face of overwhelming opposition.
Higgins became Ireland's symbolic head of state Friday in a reverential Dublin Castle ceremony following his Oct.
The weekly publication, known for its reverential coverage and glamorous photo shoots of Royals and socialites, claims to have sold more than 1.
David Fincher's 2007 film is a muscular yet reverential tour-de-force thriller which can both make you think and genuinely raise the hairs on the back of your neck more than once.
The Brits, by contrast, are less reverential and boast a line-up including Take That, Tinie Tempah and Plan B.
Among their topics are Daoist connections in Zhu Xi's instruction for breath regulation, the application of the Duren Jing in ritual and reverential submissions of petitions in Taiwan, Daoist ritual from the second through the sixth centuries, the Zhijao fast of Celestial Master Daoism, the development of the tract ascending to heaven and pacing the void of Gu Lingbao jing, the period of the compilation of the book Chisong zi zhangli, and the ritualized treatment of stroke in early medieval Daoism and the secret incantation of the northern Thearch.