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After the kalam puja and the completion of all rituals the kalam is erased, using a few of the tender coconut leaf strips (kuruthola) that decorate the sacred area; the breasts and face are reverentially touched before being gently swept together by hand.
It's a graphic novel, as they reverentially call comic strips for adults, these days.
Let the cigar die a dignified death," Davidoff reverentially wrote.
The helmet was taken reverentially from the support and adjusted into place.
There was no pretense that this was the altar of high art where the congregation sits reverentially apart from the clever pretense onstage.
A synagogue is a holy place, but it is a holy place for us and a community of other people, a place for which we dress up and in which we act reverentially.
Incandescent sources, now illegal, may ultimately prove to be the healthiest artificial light source, according to the speaker, who spoke reverentially of Howard Brandston throughout his presentation.
There was a felt board with cloth figures of the apostles, olive trees and rowboats: if you hadn't missed class lately, you might be picked to reverentially press on the piece representing Christ.
AoDiscussing the United States as an international player, he said, AoTo this day, the US is reverentially admired as a city on a hill.
Writers at the satirical paper still speak reverentially of the story, in which Bush promises to take the country into a deep recession, worsen the environment and "end the severe war drought that plagued the nation under Clinton.
com, a real and quite interesting site that, rather like Forbes but less reverentially, tells you about the richest people in every country in the world).