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A sturdy farm lady pulls pickles from the jar, as the other characters line up silently, one by one, to reverently receive them--lumpy and green, wonderfully variable in size and shape.
at him the way one might a god, meaning reverently,
In the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church in Kerala, India--which was my parents' church--everyone looks reverently at the priest as he lifts the bread and wine.
Some of the music is treated reverently, whereas some is a considerable variation on the original.
Using the traditionally influenced artistic style of varied earth tones, from red to browns and blacks in magnificent panoramas of Plains Indians and horses, Goble executes another classic of traditional Lakota stories, laced with incomparable richness and texture, reverently told with traditional Lakota phrases, words and expressions.
With the help of a cemetery yard worker, we moved the stone into the sun, snapped a picture and reverently replaced the stone.
Yet even as the Legion prepares to present a new face, high-ranking members continue to speak nostalgically and even reverently of Maciel -- a sexual predator who molested his seminarians, fathered three children and was, in the words of Vatican-appointed investigators, ''devoid of scruples and authentic religious meaning.
Summary: Jaipur: Shane Watson yesterday spoke reverently of the influence and guidance of Rahul Dravid, stating .
Thankfully the man assigned to him was there, reverently brushing Nero and minding his gear.
People of all ages reverently carried the skulls, encased in glass boxes or standing on decorative plates, to the cemetery chapel.
Safely back in the UK, dusted off and decanted reverently, they were thin, brown, oxidised and plainly well over the hill.
Raja Riaz said that his party respects the sanctity of the courts and leaders from the PPP reverently appeared before the Supreme Court on three different occasions.