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Hibbard writes with authenticity, sensitivity, and with eye-opening reality as he describes the intense terror of serving on the front lines, He writes with a balance heartwarming insight and humor as he speaks reverently of the comradeship and loyalty brought on by the uncertainty of life, death, and the heartache that accompanies survival.
For reasons that are never explained, Aubert's zombies hoard human objects and heap them into eerie ziggurats that the zombies then silently encircle, reverently entranced in the open fields.
"Beloved Hear MY Heart" addresses the many relevant issues of today's society within a poetic, prophetic discourse, reverently combining very vivid analogies, parables and anecdotes that ignite one's passion and call to action.
and you pop it no problem first try, then slowly, reverently sip.
Forced by her husband, the wicked Lord Leofric, to ride naked and cold, Through crowds awed and silent, eyes reverently closed, Except for the villain, the first Peeping Tom.
Bank workers union ETYK called its members to "reverently" refrain from working overtime from Hellenic Bank, as the bank entered talks with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development which is interested in buying a stake in the Cypriot lender.
Panditji, as he is reverently called, will also play a couple of famous Arabic numbers, organisers said.
To refer reverently to other deeply held beliefs and to avoid an attitude of proselytizing or condescension.
"With a canvas like this, how could she resist?" she said reverently. "Your hair is amazing.
It's hard to think of a more fitting postscript for this professionally executed yet bloodless film, itself an homage that hews reverently to its source material while missing the essential spirit and vitality that powered it.
at him the way one might a god, meaning reverently,
In the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church in Kerala, India--which was my parents' church--everyone looks reverently at the priest as he lifts the bread and wine.