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As good a boy as I want," said Revere, the admiring skipper.
Keep back that young skrimshanker Porkiss, sir, and let Revere make him sit up.
We're in a bad way," wrote Revere to Bobby at the end of two months.
Bobby fought his way through the rain to the Tail Twisters' temporary mess, and Revere could have fallen on the boy's neck for the joy of seeing that ugly, wholesome phiz once more.
Porkiss was demoralised with fear, nor was his peace of mind restored when Revere said coldly: "Oh
You're worth half a dozen of us, Bobby," said Revere in a moment of enthusiasm.
Bobby made no answer, but had Revere looked into the breast-pocket of his coat he might have seen there a sheaf of badly-written letters which perhaps accounted for the power that possessed the boy.
Which makes Reveres acceptance--and even endorsement of the MCAS--all the more surprising.
DUNMURRY, Northern Ireland -- Survitec Group Limited, the global leader in safety and survival equipment, has acquired Revere Commercial Marine Business from Revere Supply Company Inc.
DALLAS -- Revere Security, a leading wireless encryption solution provider for resource-constrained chips and devices, announced its appointment to co-chair of the newly-formed Security Working Group (SWG) within the DASH7 Alliance, a non-profit wireless industry consortium that promotes the use of the ISO 18000-7 (DASH7) standard for wireless sensor networking.
DALLAS -- Revere Security's Chris Hanebeck, one of Dallas' leading smart grid security experts, will speak at the inaugural Smart Grid Cyber Security Conference and Expo in San Jose, Cali.