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'E's always pokin' in the mud by the river an' a-cleanin' them muchly-fish with 'is thumbs." Revere was still absorbed in the Company papers, and the Sergeant, who was sternly fond of Bobby, continued, -" 'E generally goes down there when'e's got 'is skinful, beggin' your pardon, sir, an' they do say that the more lush - inebriated 'e is, the more fish 'e catches.
Revere signed the last paper and the Sergeant retreated.
Then aloud to Revere: "Are you really worried about Dormer?"
"You blazing young fool!" said Revere, but his heart was full of much more pleasant words.
"Anyhow," said Revere three weeks later, "he's doing his best to keep his things clean."
"As good a boy as I want," said Revere, the admiring skipper.
"Keep back that young skrimshanker Porkiss, sir, and let Revere make him sit up."
"We're in a bad way," wrote Revere to Bobby at the end of two months.
Bobby fought his way through the rain to the Tail Twisters' temporary mess, and Revere could have fallen on the boy's neck for the joy of seeing that ugly, wholesome phiz once more.
"Keep 'em amused and interested," said Revere. "They went on the drink, poor fools, after the first two cases, and there was no improvement.