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Anne had relapsed into reverie, with her chin in her hands and her eyes on the sky, when Marilla returned from her cellar pilgrimage.
The cardinal, after having read these two lines, sank into a profound reverie; but he did not return the paper to D'Artagnan.
His head cast down, his eyes fixed, he suffered his legs to hang on each side of his horse, and said to himself, in that vague sort of reverie which ascends sometimes to the sublimest eloquence:
Her miracle of life broke us out of our daily reveries and shook us.
(18) Gaston Bachelard explores the links between childhood reveries and adult reveries about childhood in The Poetics of Reverie: "Thus, childhood images, images which a child oould make, images which a poet telll us that a child has made are, for us, manifestations of the permanent childhood.
His chief activities are indulging in reveries, while lying on his couch, and occasionally quarreling with his gloomy, coarse servant Zakhar.
Le long metrage [beaucoup moins que] Reveries de l'acteur solitaire [beaucoup plus grand que], du realisateur algerien Hamid Benamra, prendra part a la competition officielle du 8e Festival international du cinema et de l'audiovisuel du Burundi (Festicab) qui se tiendra du 17 au 24 juin prochain dans la capitale Bujumbura, a-t-on appris aupres des organisateurs.
Whether accessible immediately or never at all, they effectively prevent absorption into reveries of antiquity and the infinitude of the everyday.
Unlike Fokine, Robbins or, lately, Mark Morris, Powell ignores the pianist/composer's poignancies and reveries to focus exclusively on the music's classical backbone.
This combination of the vague and the arbitrary allows McLaren to succumb now and then to a-historical reveries, such as Foucault's lament over "inconsequential bucolic pleasures", (p.203) once, supposedly, available in some prediscursive rural idyll, now, sadly, lost to the rigidities of discourse.
Le long metrage [beaucoup moins que] Reveries de l'acteur solitaire [beaucoup plus grand que] du realisateur algerien Hamid Benamra prendra part a la competition officielle du 13e Festival international du film panafricain de Cannes qui se tiendra du 16 au 20 avril, a-t-on appris aupres des organisateurs.
Inviting Josef Albers-ish reveries about adjacency and complement, they also nod toward commercial-design vocabularies, from the Pantone system to T-shirt choices in a catalogue.