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This is the first time that reversible white matter lesions have been reported to be associated with a thermogenic dietary supplement.
Reversible causes are treated accordingly, for example, using antidepressants for memory loss secondary to depression.
Reversible watermarking extensively depends on the analysis of high spatial correlation among neighboring pixels.
Each Eriez HydroFlow Reversible Liquid Vacuum comes with everything required to start using it immediately.
A reversible circuit is composed of reversible gates in which there is a one-to-one relationship between its inputs and outputs [22].
We categorized patients according to evidence of reversible myocardial ischemia and/or previous MI and calculated LV ejection fraction (LVEF) with the Quantitative Gated Spect software.
Reversible MKI's are currently used for the treatment of several types of cancer.
It is unclear whether SLE patients develop reversible focal deficits, which respond to steroid therapy.
In spite of the dramatic manifestations, the clinical picture may be fully reversible with early diagnosis and adequate treatment.
Figure 1: Three types of words example letters sounds DID yes yes SEES yes no BABE no yes example word type DID phonetic palindrome SEES non-phonetic palindrome BABE phonetically reversible word
The white matter lesions best seen on MRI represent vasogenic oedema that is reversible with removal of the underlying cause.
1) first described reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome just 10 years ago.