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The idea of this thought experiment was to consider what would happen within the perfectly reflecting cavity, if all of the energy within this system was initially reversibly contained within the phonons of its walls.
PDMS is reported to be deformed reversibly and repeatedly without residual distortion, and it is also chemically stable, biocompatible, thermally stable, inexpensive, nontoxic and commercially available [5, 19].
The two different components have differential thermal elongations, causing fibers to bend or curl and reversibly recover in response to changes in temperature, thereby adjusting insulation performance of the fabric in response to temperature changes.
To realize this outcome, we used soft, rubbery optics bonded to detectors/electronics in mesh layouts that can be stretched and deformed, reversibly and without damage," Xiao explained.
These places have Ce3+ instead, which easily can be reduced back to Ce4+ and can reversibly bind oxygen.
Preparation of metallic coatings with reversibly switchable wettability based on plasma spraying technology--Zhengfeng Li, Yanjun Zheng, and Lishan Cui
CONCLUSIONS: OLE suppresses the L-type calcium channel directly and reversibly.
We show by the first time that EOAs decreased reversibly the cardiac contraction force and frequency.
Exposure to this degree of pressure can reversibly decrease cardiac silhouette by one-third and significantly decrease pulmonary vasculature signs on chest radiographs.
According to the company, ticagrelor is the first reversibly binding oral adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonist.
Traditional antibodies produced by other vaccines bind HIV reversibly, that is they can dissociate from HIV which causes infection.